About to bubble over...

...from the AMAZING last 24 hours or so that we have had!! The first AMAZING news is that Doug got a promotion!!! YAY!!! He works so hard and this is just the next step to getting up that ladder to where he wants to be eventually. The good things about this promo are that we don't have to move(yet), he gets a bonus and a raise! The bad part is that he will be working overnights...the good part is that we will have most mornings together and honestly I think it will be great once we all get used to it. And...I love my husband and he is a great father but it's not like he woke at the sound of a baby whimper during the late nights with a tiny Moses...two times we counted that he was up at night with me...and I never minded...he could sleep through a truck ramming the house...so it's not like I will be missing all the late night help. :) So YAY Doug!!! I am so proud of you!
Another fun thing is this adorable pillow! You need this right?
I am trying to work through all the random projects that I have all around...cause I will be losing my craft room to a tiny new family member. I still have a couple more pillows to get out of the way. This one is in the shop...just waiting for you!
And I got some of these made last night...while Doug watched the Olympic swim trials...
Made these this morning...since I was up at 5:40 anyway...
And THESE. Oh. These. I am so excited about these...part of the reason I got no sleep last night was because I had just thought of this fun idea as I drifted off to sleep and I kept waking up and thinking about them....they are sweet little tags with chalkboard on them!!!! So you can write and wipe away!
How stinkin' cute are these? You could use them for organizing your pantry, craft room, closets...etc...

Or use them for tags on goody bags for parties with each child's initial or name. I just can't get over how much I love them...also in the shop. right. now. :)

And last but certainly not least cute...this sheet of ADORABLE birds in hats...I plan on printing them off on sticker paper to use on cards and tags. How can you not smile when you see these?

Hope your day is amazing too! Loves-XOXO

P.s. Ribbon is from Joannes
Flips are from Target $10. :)


Simply Me... said...

Yeah for Doug what great news! I'm so Happy for you guys! Happy 4th and thanks for the ribbon info...


My2Gs said...

I love love love that pillow!!!

Bethany said...

Congrats to Doug! YAY! What a blessing to have something so nice happen as you will be adding to your family in the upcoming months!!

LOVE that pillow! And those chalkboard tags are AMAZING!! What a nifty (like that word?!!!) idea!!

Hope you have a great 4th!!

Eric and Michelle said...

Yeah Doug! Congrats you deserve it!

meg duerksen said...

i got some very happy mail today!

you are much too nice of a girl!
how did you get to be so nice?
i love the mug and the coffee is going to be so yummy.
it was just the best package for today (8 kids here running in and out and fighting constantly with each other...timeouts and crying, etc.)

that pillow is SO GREAT!!!!
and the tags.
you really are bubbling over.

good for doug.
great for you all.
now i feel all smiley. :)
i'm so glad i stopped by today.

lilyeden said...

Congrats to Doug--awesome news! And I love the tags and pillows, so so pretty and fun! Added ya to my blogroll so I never forget to check in! Happy 4th!

The Doug said...

You didn't mention the time I slept through a house explosion at my next door neighbors house growing up. I love me some sleep.

hautemommy said...

Ooooh those birdies are sooooooo darling!!! LOVE them! xo!

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