Stylin' and profilin'

Just me showing off my adorable son again. :)
He is wearing one of my favorite outfits of his at the moment. :)
You see any Moses in this face? (That is baby Me by the way).
Moses looked more like me until he got his first major haircut but he still has my brown eyes.
Me and my little it just me or does that bunny look terrified?
Who can forget the Glo-worms and Cabbage Patch Kids...
...this one is named Rodney Dale...I still have him. :) Me with my little 10 years ago...loved my pixie haircut
and yes my sister is still this skinny. :)

Busy busy weekend...lots of new goodies in the shop on Monday! :)
Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!
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Simply Me... said...

Yes I will agree your son is a cutie, you should show him off! Hope your having a great week-end,I haven't seen you lately come on over for a visit... hope to see you soon :) Lanny

Julie said...

Fun pics. I still have my gloworm. He doesn't work, but my girls still love him. The CPK didn't fare so well in the attic after all these years. Besides, aren't they sort of creepy looking now?

Allikaye's Mama said...

I love those shorts on boys! Moses is so handsome!! And very cute pictures of you! I love old colors in older pictures!!

Margaret said...

Great pictures. Your son is very cute. Love the gloworm. Someone donated one to our nursery at church a little while back. We have it in the toddler room. They love it.

Kristi said...

Moses looks like a good mix of you and Doug. Do you have any of his kid pics?

BC said...

Fantastic pics. Moses certainly does look like you!

I have a huge favor to ask...I am very interested in starting my own shop on Etsy and was wondering if you would be up for sharing some advice and/or tips for getting started? Your shop is amazing and you seem to know what you're doing. :) If you would be up for briefly chatting via email, would you write me at If not, no hard feelings...I know you are a very busy woman! Thanks for always being a fun stop on my blogroll.

Holly said...

Ahhhh.... hello sweet Crystal. Thanks for sharing all your treasured pics. Darling! Love that pixie cut too.

One of my little girlies might just have to fight Chloe for Moses. He is such a cutie! Looks so much like his wonderful and beautiful mommy. =-)


next on the list said...

Hey and congratulations on being my first comment EVER! I've been lurking around for a while (I know it's terrible isn't it) but finally plucked up the courage to say hi and become a little more involved and thought letting you know what a gorgeous little one you have would be the perfect chance to do it! I loooved my gloworm but she's long gone, I wonder if they still make them... Anyway such a great blog, hoping to get one up and running myself soon so when I do stop on over so we can meet properly!

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