A sneaky peek...

So here is proof that I did get SOMEthing done today...despite the rough start...above is hopefully a first of many...Tooth Fairy Cottages. :) What tooth fairy would pass this by?
My poor little stinker made a stinker in the middle of the night and didn't tell me about it (not that he has that ability yet)...resulting in terrible diaper rash...I despise diaper rash...we started the day with a bath/hose down and then I fed him his breakfast in bed...read some of Doug's boyhood books to him...all while he lay in the nudey. :) Poor puddin' butt.
Lots of new frames and a few signs...I know one will say "Abide" but other than that I haven't decided. Need one with a special word? Let me know soon and you can claim it. :)

And don't forget......tomorrow is GIVEAWAY DAY!!

And don't forget to sign up for the super awesome swap below! :)

Peace and chicken grease ya'll!


You can call me Lucky. said...

Ohhh, that sweet little cottage is just too cute! I already "hearted" it! I wish I had someone to give it to!
:) Fabulous work!

Holly said...

Oh...sweet little Moses. I'm so sorry he's suffering. Praying for you guys.

LOVE the tooth fairy cottage. We're so on the same wavelength as I've been searching for a cute little something to tuck away Annie's future first lost tooth.

Are you making more? If so, let's totally talk. =-)

Love your new side pics.


Kate said...

awww... poor little peanut!! My lil' gracie used to get them so bad she would have blisters!! Especially when she was teething:( I just noticed... I have the same comforter as you!! I am ready to rid of mine though!! have a great weekend:)

Bethany said...

How CUTE is that tooth fairy cottage?! What a clever idea! I was JUST thinking the other day about making something for Huntler to have on hand for when he loses his first tooth! I don't think the cottage is quite fitting for him...but is DEFINITELY perfect for Miss Gentry!!

Molly said...

oh your little bit is too cute. I hope he feels better soon. He riminds me of my brother when he was a wee tot HAHA. Love the toothfairy cottage, I think my little sister would love it. Have a great weekend. Molly P.

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