A pic, a peek and a present.

One of my favorite things. This clock is bigger than Moses. :)
This phrase has been stuck in my head since the pillow I made. Look for this sign in the shop soon...need to claim it? You know where to find me. :)
This is what my honey brought me last night. :) He loves me and I love him and it. YUM!
You need one....today...it's as good as you think it might be.


Bethany said...

SUPER SUPER cute sign!! Enjoy your company!

traci said...

ok..I cant find the sign. Is it gone or not listed yet? LOVE IT TO PIECES!!! Im trying to do a whimsical, fun kitchen and think this needs a place in there.

Julie said...

That sign is ridiculously cute! Love it so much. The flowers are just perfection.

Amy Bell said...

listen..that sign is ADORABLE..would you stop being so cute!!!! really. oh i love all your creations...that chocolate is causing my stumble....yum.

have a great day...so happy you did an early post today...woo-hoo!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Your sign is delicious too, but that starbucks bar? YUM!

happy day!


April said...

well that sign is just too cute !!

You should marry Starbucks...seriously.

Trish said...

loving that sign:) super cute!

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