With the help of Bert, Ernie, Elmo and Prairie Dawn I just finished repainting my dining room. With time to spare to blog about it before Moses wakes up. My husband has no idea. Shhhhhh. Brush Meadow. Perfect. It is rainy out so I couldn't get a great photo...this color doesn't create its own light like the other one. Better photos tomorrow. :)
Happy Sunday!


meg duerksen said...

its' beautiful.
and i'm sure the other wasn't as bad as you say.

why not winter spinach? :)
just kidding.

looks good.
and what a nice surprise for doug.

my husband is painting right now too.

Simply Me... said...

I like that one too! It's always nice to do it when our hubby's have no idea!


Simply Me... said...

Oh I was wondering if you had any likes or dislikes about have blogher ads I'm thinking of added them to mine! If you could ever leave a comment on my blog or e-mail that would be great! Thanks

Bethany said...

YEAH for you! WOW you are one productive girl! I am glad you found something you like! How fun to surprise your hubby!!

Amy Bell said...

love the green room! i can't believe you painted it on your own!! wow..i hope doug luv uv uved it and was so proud of you! oh and put my name in for the swap..

talk to you soon...glad to be back!

Eric and Michelle said...


Trish said...

holy cow, i wish i had motivation to paint speedy quick like that!

My2Gs said...

Looks very pretty... the other color did too though :)
~ Lacie

sara's art house said...

I love that green!!!! So sharp and great contrast with the white.

Holly said... beautiful and cheery. Love love love the green. xoxoxo

Kate said...

looks great!!! Visit my blog... I have an award for you:)

hautemommy said...

WOW it looks gorgeous!!! Love the new color:) Hope the husband is pleasantly surprised!!! xoxox!

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