The narcolepsy game.

This weekend I played a's called get things done before narcolepsy hits you at 2 in the afternoon. I lost this game Saturday and Sunday. I got nothing done. I was basically a blob who followed Doug around on errands. :) Today however, I won. I got things done...thanks in part to Moses waking me up at 5:45...he went back to sleep but guess who didn't? We still managed a fun weekend. :)
While Doug and my uncle played golf they found a new and awesome playground for Moses. We took him there as soon as he was up and ready from his nap on Sunday. :) It was the perfect size for him and he could do most of the things on the little kids part on his own. As he would go down the slide he would say "mama, dada, b (my uncle), mama, dada, weeeeeeeeeeeeee". Every time. It was precious. It's hard to tell who was having more fun, right?

Also this weekend, we took Moses for his first semi-kids meal...I am very anti-fast food...especially for kids, so Moses has never had anything that resembles it. The closest to fast food we eat is Chic-fil-a and even that hardly ever happens. So, Saturday for lunch he had his little chicken bites, fruit cup and milk and he loved it. Doug and I have not enjoyed lunch as much in a was just fun to sit there with him and watch him enjoy his treat. :)

And on Sunday we took him to nursery in the middle of worship, when he started to fidget...and though he protested just a little at the beginning...he was perfectly fine. When we came back to get him he was sitting at a table, having snack...being all grown and all. The nursery workers said that he didn't cry at all but played and had a good time. When we left Moses leaned into the main nursery worker and laid a wet one on her! :) Thank God for answered prayers and sweet boys!

On my heart just how stinkin' blessed I am. I mean seriously...I couldn't ask for a thing. Not one. Sure my life is not perfect but in every area I can see hope, improvement, joys, blessings, this moment nothing seems too difficult or overwhelming. God is all around us as a family and it makes me want to work hard to keep it that way. :)

The winner of the package this week is Amanda (I think that is your name). :) To choose the winner this week I just went through the list of entries and choose this one because it just pricked my heart so much...I am such a baby when Doug is gone for a day or two...I can't imagine not seeing or hearing from him for months! Amanda you can contact me through Etsy also to leave your address. :)


Sarah B. said...

I totally agree....the heartstrings are pulled when you hear of a couple seperated like that. And the dedication to each other to get through those times..she is deserving. :)

Holly said...

Such sweet pics. I especially love the one of Doug and Moses sharing that bouncy animal thing.

xoxoxoxoxxo Don't fight the rest. It's good for you, Momma Crystal.


Eric and Michelle said...

So happy about Nursery going well for Moses

Greg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
meg duerksen said...

oh the nusery!
it is a double edge sword.
the days my kids have gone in nicely it's great but the other time when they don't...and i have workers peeling a screaming child off me and over the half door...i leave full of guilt and sweating to death. but on the good's great. :)

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