All things bright and beautiful...

Moses wore these around the house yesterday afternoon... it weird of me to wish he would do this more?
It made him have a cute little walk.
Moses is the only model I have for things this size...Doug was not happy when Moses started dancing as soon as I put it on him. :) Don't's going to cousin Kyleigh.
Here are my absolute favorite towels at the moment! Have you ever seen a happier towel? There is a set in the shop right now!
And in case you didn't know, since it would be such a shame to miss out...the "good" ribbon at Micheal's is on sale for $1!! A super great deal.

Thanks to everyone who offered kind words through comments, calls and emails. I truly feel the love...I usually am a little thicker skinned but meanness for the sake of being mean always gets to me...especially when it was SO random and pointless! Thanks for being sweet to me!
Love you in a non creepy internet friend kind of way!*

*thanks meg!

Tomorrow is giveaway day!
Come back then to see what is up for grabs and what you can do to grab it!


Eric and Michelle said...

Glad you are feeling better. I am still hoping to get a chance to talk to you when you feel up to it.

Diane said...

Glad your spirits are up again.

Love the giraffe boots-Moses totally rocks them. :)

Amy Bell said...

your pictures look great!! i love them..and Moses....oh my. little sugar. i love the new picture on the blog...:)

Kristi said...

Love the Moses photos. And I could eat all that ribbon! Thanks for the tip. If I weren't watching money, I'd be there in a flash!

Take care and know that most of us (those who matter) love you!

Holly said...

xoxoxoxoxo Many hugs, sweet friend. Moses is way too cute for words.

Julie said...

Happy day to you. Love the $1 ribbon at Michaels. I didn't buy enough last time and I was kicking myself. I am making the dress/top from SewSensible as soon as the little ones fall asleep....

Bethany said...

Hmmm...there must have been something in the air because both of my kids had on their rainboots yesterday too!! How funny!!

Cute pictures...thanks for sharing!

And I am glad that today has been better!

Trish said...

Oh my, $1 ribbon, that is dangerous. I better pass, since we just had to spend $400 on drying out our basement :( now we have to recarpet and fix drywall! UGH home repairs, I hate them!

Plus, I just found the 8 spools that I bought from their last sale that I forgot about :)

Glad you are feeling better today! Hope it is sunny in your neighborhood!

traci said...

no man likes to see his son in tutu, can you blame
Love your new header, ALWAYS love your towels. Sooooo, what paint color did you decide on for the livingroom?

You can call me Lucky. said...

Cute blog post today. Love the *adorable* photos!

Margaret said...

Love the rainboots. Glad your spirits have been lifted.

meg duerksen said...

i wanted annie to have those boots. i showed them to her every time we went for so long. but she just wouldn't go for it.
she fell for the pink kitty heads instead.
are they on sale right now?
i may go get them in a bigger size for next year.
i love them.

your non-creepy friend

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