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I have a handful of things I have been meaning to post or share...and since Doug is working late, I thought I might catch up. But first, thanks to everyone who took time to comment for me...I really needed to hear the same answer over and over again and I intend to take your advice. Delete (emails), (mark as)spam, ignore(any or all contact). I am even thinking of getting rid of anonymous comments, too. That is my plan of attack. Not out of malice but in an effort to protect myself and family. I know that ignoring her is the right thing...it just helps to know that everyone else thinks it's the right thing too, you know? So, thanks fabulous Blog friends. ;)

Above is a favorite shot of mine that I got of Moses last week during our heat wave and we introduced him to the sprinkler...set on 12in of sprinkle mind you.
And this is another favorite...he is trying to drink the water...he would go from one end to the other...this boy is too cute! I love his little hands and chunky thighs in this photo.
This is another great shot from last week...I was watering my plants and he kept running into the spray of the water...before we knew it he was soaked and I was spraying him full on with the hose...he loved it! He never noticed that his diapered bum was hanging out of his drenched pants. This boy has a special place for all things water!
He loves to play in this bucket with water...he likes to sit in it...legs up, crocs on, bum down and water up to his eyeballs if he can get that low!
And this is long over due...but sweet Mrs. April sent me a box of goodies...a comfy shirt, note pad, paper soap and a cute little coin purse...which for some reason, Moses has claimed. :) Thank you thank you my dear April! I get the best love from friends in the mail...so much so that I have been hiding from my mail lady...because to deliver a package to me she has to go out of her way and walk it to my door...the other day I was telling Doug about this and what does he say..."She thinks you're the QVC lady"...thanks honey...that makes me feel so much better!
And then...just last week...the kind Mrs. Julie sent me some patterns to try out...I knew they were coming to me...what I didn't know was that she also included a big 'ol bag of Starbucks coffee and a coupon for a free Starbucks chocolate bar....tasty. Thank you sweet friend!
And it must have been my week for Starbucks...cause my honey brought me home a brand new mug. He loves me...he really loves me. :)

And here is one last thing that has been on my mind...ok, so you know how I said that I am not one to worry? Well that is generally true...I am not by nature a worrier...I am slightly neurotic (in a charming and not weird way mind you)...and I make my husband help me contain it. For example...we have a code word that I will use if I am being kidnapped. HaHA! I can't believe how crazy that sounds as I type it. But seriously...we recently had delivery guys at our house...and Doug was unable to be there. So it was just me...so I told Doug that I would call him as they got there and make sure that they heard me tell Doug that I would call him as soon as they left. Doug was under strict instructions to do something if he didn't hear back from me. And if I called and used our codeword then that would mean that I was being kidnapped. Because of course I would tell the kidnappers that my husband knew to call the cops if he didn't hear from me. As crazy as that sounds...just saying it out loud to Doug made me feel better and I was no longer worried about being kidnapped. So, I guess I am wondering if this is a normal kind of crazy...or what? :)

And p.s. check out the crazy hail we got last night!


BC said...

I LOVE these photographs!! The one of Moses in the red bucket with the red crocs is just precious!

I also love that you have a codeword in case you are kidnapped. I have similar neuroses...for example, I cannot listen to any song that is about losing a loved one. If I hear one, I have to turn it off immediately and for some reason, it makes me feel as though turning off that song will keep all my loved ones safe. A little morbid I know, but makes me feel better. :)

Trish said...

My Addie is the same about water! She LOVES it. Scares me sometimes. WE were at a ice cream social a week ago and it was very hot and humid, but there was a little kiddie pool and it had a couple of inches of water for the duck game for the kids. Anyways, I was helping to set up and when I looked over Addie was sitting smack dab in the middle of that pool clothes on and all! At first I was like oh my goodness Addie get out of that pool, but then I was actually glad she did, because then she stayed cooler the rest of the afternoon! She did have some sense to take off her shoes though!

Sometimes I pretend I am on the phone when someone random comes to the door I wasn't expecting. Oh gosh now I'm a little worried I just wrote that. Hope they don't find out my secret! :)

Molly said...

Please do not feel crazy about having a code word. I can not use a public restroom if the main door to the restroom is not a push door. If other doors have a knob I make my husband stand and hold the door with it slightly cracked so I know I won't get locked in and die. HAHA! My mom says I'm nuts but thats how I am. Your little one is too cute. ~ Molly P.

One Wired Woman said...

There is nothing like playing with the sprinkler in the heat of the summer. Not an Elmo sprinkler, not a bright colored wiggly sprinkler, not a sprinkler with water squirting out of Cinderella's head... kids lose interest in those so fast. But give them a an old school, old fashioned "lawn" sprinkler from Home Depot and they are fascinated for hours, especially little boys. Funny how that works. So cute. :) ~Jill

Traci said...

I super duper LOVE that pic of Noah in the red bucket with the red crocs on!!!! That needs a frame and should be in your house somewhere...love it. My kiddos love playing in those buckets too but I never got such a cute picture.
I really need to get a sewing machine, good camera a blog and maybe I would get some goodies in the mail :) WHAT FUN!!! Im embarrassed to say I live about 10 mins from the city and have just really discovered starbucks...LOVE IT. I have heard about it over and over and over and over..lol..but I just never went because I thought it was waaaay over priced but I love their stuff once in awhile.
Glad to hear you are going to ignore that person. when you change your blog to not leaving annoymous can you make it so you dont have to leave a password? My password worked ONE day and stopped...havent gone back to mess with it. Just curious..Have a great day and go create...

Kate said...

I hate when people have to come to my house!! I always call Mark, for the same reasons so no you are not crazy!! We also got the same bad storms here in So. Md. It was awful!! Have a great day:)

Eric and Michelle said...

I love the pics of Moses. Canaan said oh how cute in a sweet endearing voice. :)

Jame said...

Those photographs of Moses are amazing! And your "afraid of being kidnapped" story made me lol! I'm afraid of the same thing but, I've never had a plan. I think you're a genius!

meg duerksen said...

i am going to copy that picture of moses int he sprinker...but make it annie in the sprinkler.

are you neurotic? was that the question?
it seems a bit much maybe to think the delivery guys would kidnap you....but bad things happen. so maybe watch a little less Dateline? but all that safety stuff is good. i think of it when i am all alone too.
it's women. we realize how weak we are when our husbands are gone. i think "where would i hit him if had to get away."
we watched Mission Impossible 3 this weekend again. the regular girl (not a spy) has to use th gun in the end and i said "i could do that." ha. doubtful.

and i so totally wold've read the email.
i just have to know!
so i understand.
but you sound like you've got it going on the right track. i am praying for you and HER.

how do you get so lucky to get all this starbucks stuff?!!

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