Lake Love Flashbacks

We went to the lake this morning. Moses was in love!
He did a lot of this. And a LOT of walking through the water. He is completely fearless in the water and that makes me and his swimming champ of a dad happy too.
Here he is saying "cheese".
And even though I felt like a complete tubba in a bathing suit and was having some serious stomach pains...we had a great time. Moses is sleeping it off. :)
We stopped at this out of the way little coffee place. Not sure if you have heard of it. The other day when we were at Target they were handing out samples of a new Lemonade Frappuchino and I was dying for a real sized one. When we tried to order one today (at a different location) they were appalled that we ever knew about it...because it is not due out for few more days. I can't wait...that sample was yummy.
And just for is Moses and I at the lake last year (2007).
And here we are the year before that. (2006)

I hope your weekend is blessed. I know mine already is. :)
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Amy Bell said...

oh sista...those pictures are so cute and you are FAR from tubba...that was funny...wish i looked like that after my you still have your rebellious belly button ring?? :)


Trish said...

you're too cute :)

i am having a nice weekend too :)

Kate said...

you are so cute!!! Moses looks just like you:) We spent the day at the bay yesterday! It's great being by th ewater. I can't wait to try that frappucino, sounds so yummy & frapps are my fav. have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

How come your hair was not in pig-tails this year?

Simply Me... said...

Wow you must have been up early :)
looks like you had some fun today enjoy the rest of your week~end...


Eric and Michelle said...

tubba...come on Crystal on't make me say a bad word!

Karen said...

Moses is so cute in the water..he obviously had such a good time :) Hubby and I just went to the lake on Thursday. It's not that crowded on a weekday...pretty relaxing!

Simply Me... said...

Cute picture's as always! I don't see my name anymore in your peeps:(
did i do something wrong? Please let me know!


~ Jamie ~ said...

Moses is so cute! Love the pictures that you post of him. And you two definately look alike!

meg duerksen said...

oh how cute you were so prego with moses!

none of my pictures look like that! :)

i am sooooooo craving starbucks.
i need to get out of this town.

happy dad's day.
hope you are having a good time.

Allikaye's Mama said...

How did you make those pb&j's look so yummy?! And how fun that Moses is fearless in the water! Allikaye is trying to get there - slowly! :0)

Julia said...

Cute pictures!!! I grew up on the lake and totally love it!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

cute pics! glad it was a fun weekend :)

Anonymous said...

so are 2 of the sandwiches chunky peanut butter and 1 is creamy for Moses? You all don't like creamy? :)

jimaie.marie said...

are you KIDDING me? a tubba?? you are so crazy. i WISH my tummy was that flat!!
the sandwich pic made me HUNGRY!! yum.
ok, so i now HAVE to try that lemonade frapp! sounds so refreshing!!

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