How to get your Etsy on...

But first I have to show off the cute skirt I made for my niece...

So cute...if I do say so myself!

OK, so here goes a lot of reading for all you Etsy starter uppers. This is by no means "professional" advice just things that I know that I do in my Etsy experience that make a difference. If any of you other Etsy folks have something to add please comment! If any of you Etsy buyers would like to leave us some hints about what you like to see in a shop, practice and policy wise, leave a comment for that, too. :)

1. List often and at different times of the day. Mondays and Fridays are my best days. The weekends are usually slow...especially if the weather is nice! :) I try to post right before I go to bed. :)

2. No copying just is so not cool to do. It is one thing to be inspired by someone but quite another to copy them completely and call it your own. I have had experience with people copying both my items and my blog posts...neither makes me feel very happy...and I always find out about it. :)

3. If you are looking to get a part time income out of it, you have to treat it like a part time job. Be professional. You can't jump in just when you need a few bucks. If you are looking to just have a hobby and some extra cash now and then, then you have to be OK with sporadic sales. :) Both ways are good ways! I am not saying one is better than the other.

4. Be YOU. Have fun, enjoy yourself, this will show through in your shop and all that you make. If you don't love what you are doing than you need to find something's no fun to force yourself to make things that don't make you happy.

5. Take great photos. Use natural lighting, it always makes for the best photos. Try fun and different angles...choose your backgrounds with care.

6. Be nice and courteous to all of your customers and Etsy peers. Don't ever think that you can get away with being not so nice to will always come back to find you. :)

7. Price your items fairly. Don't way won't become a millionaire via Etsy. At the same time don't under price either...that makes it harder for those of us who price items competitively.

8. No whiney shop announcements! I have seen people actually put in their shop announcement that they are in desperate need for gas/milk/diapers/etc. For me that makes me leave the shop right away mostly because there is no way to judge if this is a true need or someone just trying anything to make a sale but also because that is just not a way to run a wouldn't have a "real" shop owner approach you like that?!

9. Have bargain sales sometimes but not ALL the time. You don't want people thinking you are desperate for patient sales will come!

OK. That is all I can think of for the moment but I am sure I will think of more later...leave any questions or comments you want and I will try to answer/respond as best I can. :) And you can always email me at!

Happy day to you!
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Amy Bell said...

very good advice...i was really looking forward to today's post because i needed some advice lately...i have been really trying to be consistent with my etsy sales...i try to list at different times, too..i am not sure if that helps..but, it does seem to! loved this post...thank you so much!

Kelly said...

I recently came across your blog and I really enjoy looking at it. You are insanely talented and I just love looking through all ofyour beautiful posts. And I can't leave Moses out...what a handsome, happy little boy.

traci said...

im a frequent etsy buyer and think you gave great advice. I so agree with putting things in the store frequently but I like same times. There are a couple I buy from often and I know I can always check their store in the mornings or Mon, Wed and Fri, etc and count on new products. You do a fabulous job and it shows...your stuff doesnt hang around long.

Kristi said...

Cute skirt! This lady makes some other cute AND simple to follow patterns:

Thanks for your etsy advice. I must be dense because I still don't get it all, not to mention I cannot keep up creating things to post all day long! I think you just have great stuff and are very popular. You had more visits on your blog in a short time than I have now and tons more comments! Let's face it, you are just a fun and interesting person who attracts others who appreciate quality cute stuff!

Julie said...

The skirt is precious! Nice job and super fun fabrics. Thanks for the tips too! You are always so friendly, sharing and helpful.

Bethany said...

Thanks for the info! I have really been pondering starting up my own little Etsy BIGGEST fear is that my stuff will be too similar to those I love! I by no means want to copy anyone or take away business, but I think I have found my own little niche and now just need to get my first items made!

But not today...we have been gone for a week and I am too tired and overwhelmed tonight!!

BC said...

Thank you so much! This is quite helpful as I begin this new adventure. I wish you much continued success!!!

Tori said...

Chrystal: How do I get into the SWAPS???

princess lasertron said...

I found you through a blog trail...just clicking on links from blog to blog...and what caught my eye was your button flowers! I think copying is often not intentional...people just come through the same creative process. the world is too small.

Carmallita said...

This is excellent advice and tips! Thank you so much for posting them to share with us, Etsy Sellers. You are so nice and cool too! Now I know how my shop sounds too desperate and it's embarrassing. So I'd best fix it asap, and will do better!

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