helllllooooo again!

Sorry to drop such fun news on you then run! It's been a busy couple of days around here...Doug was off so we do our best to do fun things and really enjoy the family days together...we went to the lake yesterday and Moses tested out his new swim vest...he was starting to get the hang of it and really liked the freedom from us holding him that it gave him. Above is a photo of the kids section...it is all shallow and has a fun fountain...Doug and Moses are in the pic...near the rope line. In the past couple of days we also bought Moses a potty...not that we have high hopes of him using it right away but we thought it would be good to have around for him to get used to...we do put him on it right before bath...when he usually pees on the floor at the sound of the water running. :) Then today we went to story time at Barnes and Noble and got Moses an "Elmo uses the potty" book. :) We had a great couple of days...AND he is off this weekend too. :)
I have also been busy trying to stock the store up...here's a sweet little birdy that is waiting in the shop for you...needle felted by yours truly. :) Complete with her own little nest.
...cards were at an all time low and I am currently in the process of posting more as we speak...these blossom ones are my favorites...


As for our big news...we are more than thrilled and excited...blessed beyond what we could ever earn or deserve. :) I expect another perfect pregnancy. :) Moses was about as easy as they come...no morning sickness, NO stretch marks (I know you hate me, right?), very few overwhelming cravings, quick labor (too quick= no epidural)...nothing too too bad...except the 55lbs I gained with him...and the terrible sunburn I got (my dr failed to tell me that pregnant women are more prone to sunburn (I NEVER burn)and when I asked him about it his reply was "well there are a million side affects to pregnancy...we can't be expected to tell you all of them"...umm it was summer...somehow that one seemed important.)
I am slightly narcoleptic at the moment but other than that perfectly normal (except that I have already reorganized my entire house in my head...as you may guess from my current personality, pregnancy puts my productive levels into overdrive...so if you need a favor...now is the time to ask me. :)---no lie-I was recaulking the bath tub at like 8 1/2months pregnant with Moses...it HAD to be done.)

And this time we plan to find out what we are having...we didn't do that with Moses and while it was fun to find out at the very last minute, I'm pretty sure we will find out this time. :) And Meg...if you could kindly email me your address...I have some orphaned Starbucks coffee that needs a good home... :(

And already I have a wish list of things I will probably never buy...why? because I am terrible at buying things for myself...but if I were better at it here are a few things that would already be on their way to my house...

Isn't this maternity tee adorable? It's from Wonderfully Made 4 You...
...super cute and does NOT say "Baby on Board".
Another adorable top...LOVE it! This one is from Sky Harbor Clothing. Doesn't it look comfy?
I wish these had been around with Moses...instead of constantly tugging at a blanket...and you know I love the dots...this one is from For the Love Boutique.
And this one is my favorite...I have hearted this shop for months now just waiting for an excuse I just love the tree graphic...this one is from Discobelly.

Other things on my to do list for the day:
1. Send out email and swap info.
2. Blog post about swap info?
3. Finish posting new cards/towels/house tags
4. Get giveaway ready for tomorrow.

Hope you are having a fabulous day!
Leave me some love and come back tomorrow for the giveaway! :)


Trish said...

that is too evil to post and run like that;)

Again I am so happy for you and getting the baby itch myself!

you are such a motivator for me! I love how much stuff you get done in a day. I use to be like that, but after the second kid I slowly stopped making lists and the piles kept getting higher and higher! I'm doing better after 2 1/2 years -yikes! My hubby's love language, besides affirmation is keeping the house organized and well picked up. Oh I'm trying, and since I have met you you have helped me get my butt in gear, thanks:)

can't wait until you start to post belly pics. i've never met you, but feel like I've known you for a long time:) we should have a blog baby shower:) wouldn't that be fun!

Bethany said...

I must admit I was getting a little worried about you! You share some life changing news like that and then you vanish?!! You must have known we were all checking in countless times a day!! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE your little birdie in the nest!! So amazingly adorable!

Ok...so how are you able to get all this done? When I was pregnant I was so super tired that I could hardly function! And the second time around was even worse because I had to entertain the first one who was still so little himself!!

You continue to amaze me!! And congrats again!

Holly said...

Thanks for the fabulous post. Congratulations, sweet friend. I couldn't be happier for you.

Such totally adorable maternity stuff.

Your drive to create cuteness is so very impressive and motivating.

Thanks for sharing your rays of sunshine with us today. A day without Crystal is a day not as happy. =-)

Much love. xoxoxoxoxooox

Tori said...

Yes, I was wondering where you ran off too! COngrats again!!!

Cant wait to get SWAP info..
How far are you (pregnancy)?

Molly said...

Congratulations girlie!!! You guys must be so excited. Love the little birdie, too cute. I can't wait to see who I am paired with. I know it sounds nerdy but this is so exciting to me. It's kinda like having a penpal. HAHAHA!! Have a great evening. ~ Molly P.

meg duerksen said...

whatever meg?
you want to give ME starbucks mugs?
how sweet are you?!!
did you get my nest picture?
i sent it but last time i sent i think you said don't use that address? but i couldn't remember.

ok...just talking about pregnancy..seeing those awesome maternity clothes i was feeling the urge to be prego.
but it cant' happen.
oh well.
i'd go nuts anyway.
i will just enjoy yours.

AND when i was pregnant with #3 craig took the 2 kids for a week for a trip and as soon as he pulled out the driveway i went upstairs and pulled out carpet! and then painted the entire room. i was 8 months pregnant!! similar to your go-go-go-ness.

sound i just use the email that you use for commenting?

Heidi Zawisza said...

How do you find ALL those cute clothes?? If we decide to have another baby, I AM NOT wearing my old gross maternity stuff! ha!

Julie said...

Hooray! What happy happy news! I second the blog baby shower idea!

Julie said...

I forgot to say... I am really jealous of that fun lake! Perfect for the kiddos and that fountain thing looks so cool! Wonderful for the burning hot days.

Amanda said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you and your family!! xoxo

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