The good life.

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...
Won't you be my neighbor?

Hello friend! I hope this finds you all in the midst of a FaBuLouS Monday! We are busy, busy here but life is oh so good...the sun is shining, Moses is cute as a button, Doug is home (I couldn't tell you that he was gone because what if you were kidnappers ;)), no yucky people ANYwhere in my life...thanks for all your prayers, Doug has Tuesday and Wednesday off AND my dining room is the most happy shade of green. :) Here are a few better photos of said dining room:
I adore how the blue and green go together. :) Isn't it happy?

I buy a new orchid every couple of months...cheaper than buying fresh flowers (which I LOVE) and the blooms last forever...too bad I can never get them to bloom again. :)
Looove it! In case you are wondering...I put my books on the shelf like that on purpose, spines up, to show more of the white...I thought the shelves were too dark otherwise. :)
Man o man...just makes me happy!
I just finished a marathon of new postings in the shop...go check them out...lots of colorful new things to see and buy. :)
You just have to love these sweet and simple bird tags. :)

The winner of this weeks giveaway is Laurie. Please contact me via Etsy and let me know where you would like me to send your loot. :) For all you would be cheaters(wink wink) you know who you are...I read Doug all of the entries and left out any identifying information...He choose Laurie's because it sounded like things I would want to do. :)

Look for another giveaway next Friday!

I hope to get an email/blog post out on Thursday to cover the swap info. :)
Swap sign-ups go until Wednesday! Go HERE to sign up! :)

Please take a moment and take my quick little survey over on the right's anonymous so be honest...I am just curious about other households as I am sure some of you are. :)

Swap sign-ups go until Wednesday! Go HERE to sign up! :)


BC said...

I love the green! How did you paint that room twice and put the room back together so quickly! I too love the blue and green rooms next to each other.

By the way -- I see your counter is almost at 30k...WOW!!!!! *Applauding*

Holly said...

Such a beautiful green color. Love it. How clever to turn your books like that. So glad that life is good. =-) xoxoxoxo

Voted on the tv survey.

Party pics will be on the way soon. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Karen said...

I LOVE the way your room turned out. I've been begging my hubby forever to paint our living room a vibrant color but he is afriad of straying away from the neutrals. I'm saving a pic of the blue/green rooms next to each other to show him how good it looks! Hopefully you will inspire him to change his mind. I really want to paint it a deep berry color.

Glad to hear things are peachy-keen and right with the world! :D

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