Above is what I should be doing. I should not be blogging...I should be folding the three loads of laundry that is sitting on my bed...looks exactly the same now as it did hours ago when I took this photo. :) There's a real life photo for you. At least the bed is made, right? This morning I awoke to find that my husband had thrown his dirty clothes into the mix (while they were piled in a basket near the laundry room)...I was like "those are clean...can't you tell?" :)

So now I dare YOU to post a real life photo...go on...go find your messy spot and put it out there for all to see...I'll give out a bonus goody to the person who posts the messiest photo...just make sure I know where to come see it. :)
Got some yummy treasures in the mail today...sweet, sweet Jen from Noodle and Lou made these darling little houses just for me...packaged so sweetly...
I simply adore them...especially the little red one with the polka dots...
See...made just for me...my name on 'em and all. :)
One of these things is not like the others...one of these things just isn't the same...so yeah...I may not look pregnant but some overwhelming force made me buy chocolate and peanut butter Pops at Target yesterday. I usually can't stand sugary cereals for the most part but I had to have these...plus when you buy four boxes you get a $5 gift card. :)
And I just had to share these ADORABLE little houses with you...how stinkin' cute are these little gift boxes? Love them...just need a reason to buy them...Go see her other fab and cute things at Daisys and Dots.
And speaking of cute and houses...how about this one from Janesays. :)
She called me to chat yesterday...sounds as cute as you would think she should...
And one more...can you believe how talented Mrs. Scottie is from Tiddlywinks. She is fabulous too...you should go visit this sweet little flower doll in her shop. :) And she is having a sale!

And finally...in exciting home front news...Moses peed in the potty!! When I clapped and made such a fuss over it, he totally gave me this look like he was saying "Lady...it's just pee". :)

:) Well that's my day...anyone want to come fold some laundry for me?

Don't forget to post your mess and come tell me about it. :)

And I sent out the swap email...let me know if you did not receive it or if there are any problems. :) Have a fabulous Friday!


April said...

I totally had to buy 5 boxes to get the gift card.

Thanks for the feature...luv ya girl.
I sound cute?? Awwwwwwww

Yay Moses !!!!!!!! that a boy !!

Bethany said...

Ooohhhh....thanks for sharing all this super fun stuff! I too sometimes have trouble getting around to the things that HAVE to be done!! There is so much more that is FUN, I would rather be doing it!!

YAY for Moses!!

Happy Friday!

Amy Bell said...

oh, you should see my house right now. trying to straighten before i leave...i did not get the swappy email...

much love,

Kristi said...

ugh, I just folded a ton of laundry so no I will not fold yours! LOL! I used to not mind folding laundry until I had FOUR people to fold for!!!

Anyway, cute stuff!!

You should have seen my house before I cleaned today.

Amanda said...

Okay So I took you up on your dare! You can come on over and see my picture!!!! And there are days when it's totally worse! :) I'll fold your laundry....if you fold mine!! (I bet I've got more! :P)

Got the swap info! :) Thanks for clarafying who we had! :)

Trish said...

okay i'm up for the challenge! no judging please!

Jenn said...

awwwwwww I'm so happy you love your teeny houses:):):):) HOORAY for Moses!! I KNOW what a happy day that is:) xoxoxo...jenn

OH! and I personally ADORE those teeny trees...way cute idea. You are FABULOUS!!

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