You can ring his bell...

On his very first bike!! Moses got his very first bike may not seem exciting to you but it was around here...who is this little boy who needs a bike...and where is that sweet baby I used to have?? It will be perfect for our trip to the park this weekend.
It's so cute...and the best part is that it has a handle on the back for the parents to push the bike and you can use this handle to control the steering...eventually it can become a regular tricycle, too.
Moses was all over Doug as he put it together...he could hardly wait!
He jumped on the moment it was all together...among all the times he jumped on pre-assembly.

This is true Moses form...never too busy to stop for a finger suck and a head pat. You can tell that he is relaxed by the way that he is patting his head with one finger...the more anxious he is the more fingers he uses.
We went on a stroll around the block today...Doug is closing tonight so we always try to take advantage of the extra family time when he goes in later in the day.
And this friends is the start of my new wardrobe. With all of the encouragement for all you lovely readers and my own sweet honey we went shopping this morning...while Doug went food shopping, I went to Old Navy and tried on everything. I only got stuff I loved and that fit well.
Including two pairs of not-mom jeans! I didn't look at prices or think about the things that the money could go to instead...I just got. I still feel guilty a little but at the same time I am glad that I did it...thanks for all the encouragement and advice.And joy of all joys! Look what my mother-in-law bought us as an early Christmas gift! We vacuumed the downstairs immediately and as soon as Moses is up from his nap I will do the same upstairs. :) LOVE!

And a random thing...I have this camera bag, which is brand new. If you would like to have it for the cost of shipping I will gladly send it to you. It is just too small for my camera, other than that, there is nothing wrong with it. :) Just leave a comment or let me know...first come first serve. :)

I will be gone Friday through Sunday, then Monday and Tuesday we plan to go to all the local attractions so I won't be available at all Friday-Sunday afternoon and sporadically Mon and Tues. :) Have a great weekend! We'll catch up when I get back! :)
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Simply Me said...

I love his new bike, I'm so happy for him... Have a great week-end on your new bike...


Amy Bell said...

oh Moses! how cute are you???? love the bike...little Z needs one so bad!!! and, look at you, little missy...all hip and trendy...sassy mama..:) so glad you went shopping today...i can tell you felt better...garage sale for the old clothes? :)

much love...have a WONDERFUL weekend...

April said...

Yay for a new is growing up girl...get ready its full speed ahead now.

Nothing like a new stack of clothes to make a girl feel dump the guilt in the trash and smile.

have a wonderful will be in my thoughts (wink)

The Gerster Family said...

What a great bike!

I love the new jeans too...isn't Old Navy great!? Have fun with your new wardrobe. You totally deserve!

Eric and Michelle said...

Canaan has the same bike. Moses will love it for some time to come!

Pamela said...

That little bike is so cute! I'm so glad you went shopping and got things you love!

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