Yes, I still make cards. :)

Hello there friends!! :) Looky, looky what I got made last night!! Doug was closing so I got to piddle around with my card making goodies and since I am blessed with a TON of goodies at the moment I thought I would reflect that in some over embellished cards. LOVE them! They will start showing up in the shop on Monday. :)
I also decided that this pillow was lacking in buttons...better fix that, right?

AND I finally got a bib in the shop!! :) Cute!
And here is what happens when you try too hard to get your toddler to do something that he just learned for the camera. Like ten minutes before this photo Moses smiled on command...the cheesy "here are all my teeth" smile...not too different from the look above. At one point he was so annoyed with me that yelled "ma-ma!!" as if to say "enough!"

And to all you lovelies who commented on my last post. Thank you to those of you who can say what I believe in a way that sounds fluent and intelligent. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my "old-fashioned" way of thinking. I by NO means or in ANY way am trying to say that there is one way for all women...we indeed must each follow the path that we feel God is leading us down. :)

Happy weekend to you!


Kelli said...

cute cards (and other stuff) I think children of bloggers get so tired of smiling. Last night at a party, I snapped a pic and 9 year old nephew asked if I was going to blog it. YEP, I said. hehe

April said...

Those cards are smokin'

love em'


traci said...

LOVE EVERYTHING!!! When I first saw the pillow (prior to buttons) I couldnt figure out how you could improve it...I thought it looked great. Then when I saw the buttons I WISHED IT WERE MINE!!!! You are very talented and I agree with April...those cards are smokin.

Bethany said...

I agree with all the other comments...those cards are amazing! I have my eye on one in particular so let's hope I can stop by your shop before someone else snatches it up!!

And I am SO loving that pillow!! It is too stinkin' cute!!

I hope you enjoy your long weekend!!

Kristi said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new cards. I must have the "One Day at a Time" card for my friend with cancer. Will it be in the store soon? I saw that cute bib in the shop yesterday!!! Love it. Thanks for your friendship, all of my friends are helping to make me realize God's presence in all that we are going through right now.

Holly said...

Hi sweet Moses. He is so adorable! Showed my family his genuine smile this morning & we were all giggling.

LOVE the cuter than cute pillow. The buttons are wonderful. Thank you so much. xoxo

Happy weekend, dear friend. xoxoxo

Eric and Michelle said...

Happy Etsy-versary

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