Topless painting.

This morning Moses expressed to me that he had some creative juices that he was itchin' to we broke out some paints he got for Christmas. He was enthralled...he enjoyed painting on himself as much as he enjoyed painting on the paper. I think he might have tasted the blue...what do you think?
How could you not have fun when your paints smile at you?
He is a musher and proud of it. It wasn't until he was almost done that he realized that he had gotten some on his hands but he loved that too. He is also back to being my sweet boy...all better. I found the culprit of his poo-poo-ness the corner of a canine was just poking out of the skin today...I hate teething. :)

Does anyone have any simple and fun toddler activities that they would like to share???
I didn't get AS much done this weekend as I had hoped for but I did get a few sets of towels on over and get some if you have been wanting them...they go fast. :) I also got some fun pears these. And two new bags are in the shop...I tweaked the pattern and made it mine...go see. :)
And new house tags are moving into the shop.

Today has been a much better day than yesterday. Thanks to all of you who emailed me and shared your stories, offered encouragement or just wrote to say Happy Mothers Day. I have the best readers! Happy Monday to you all!! :)
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Amy Bell said...

oh little Moses..he is a cutie. i am sure you have done this..have you made is a hit every time here..the colors we can come up with..:) great to talk to you yesterday..oh, i love ya! your towels were a HIT. if anyone has not seen these towels in person, YOU MUST order them. There. I said it. Order those ADORABLE towels. So glad I did!

April said...

we enjoy topless painting around here to....Chloe..not...Garren and I...well..(wink) !!

Kristi said...

Looks like topless is the way to go! Cute cute cute creations, as usual!

Simply Me said...

Hope he washed up good.But it looks like he had fun!
Have a great Monday...


Bethany said...

We have those same little paints! And yes, my kids are stripped down too when we break them out!! I will say that my don't like to get as grubby as Moses though!! Too fun!!

As for activities...we had a playdate a while back where the mom bought a huge bag of rice, dumped it into a plastic tote and let the kids just play! She did it on her floor...on plastic table cloths. She also had out different measuring cups, spoons, funnels, that sort of thing. All of the kids LOVED it! I keep meaning to get a bag of rice myself but never remember when I am actually AT the store!!

Hope that helps!!

Karen said...

I don't know if this might be a little too "old" for Moses, but have you checked out the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton? It's not really a "museum"...there are actual working farms and period-dressed people to tell you about all the different jobs they do (blacksmith, etc.). I remember it from a field trip in elementary school...waaaay back in the day, but it's still there!

ArtGirlBlue said...

Those photos are precious!!! He looks like he had a blast!

Julie said...

Love Mr. Moses the artist! Let him loose on a warm-ish day with a bucket of water and a big room painting type of paintbrush. Let him paint with the water to his heart's content. Works every time.

meg duerksen said...

i meant to write yesterday but was interrupted.
my friends and i have said more than once "i hate mother's day". it's just pressure. pressure that our husbands DO enough....pressure that we DO something for the mothers in our life...pressure to be with your mother but now that you are a mother you just want a break...then someone else getting this fabulous gift or day and you getting a not so great gift or day..pressure if you don't have the best mother. and on and on.
you seem happy today! in the last five minutes the sun came out and it's pouring in my windows. i am ready to get out there.
i love painting with kids!!
have a wonderful day today!

The Gerster Family said...

Moses is such a cutie! Being little is the only time you can sit and do such things and be socially acceptable topless. Oh to be young again! Naps...running around in your diaper...finger painting yourself, the wall, maybe the paper, and whatever else you find....we sure don't take advantage of it like we should have!

Tori said...

OH! Moses looks like he had a blast!! When my son, Halston was little- we used to use ketchup and mustard and let him use that for Paint..Cant wait to head over to the shoppe :) Hope all is well :)

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