To Tidy Up a Bit

First, if you click on Howie Long's name in the previous post you can read about how I literally RAN into Howie Long and failed to recognize him...that may make the fact that I ignored his son a little more funny to you. :)

Second, please take a minute and go here to read the importance of commenting to bloggers. I think she puts it very well. I heart commenting...and it really is like a payday to us bloggers. :)
Third, I am all done with these! An order for a sweet family member...not shown is the other order for another sweet family member that is also done!
Fourth, here is the box of goodies I got from Mrs. Scottie over at Tiddlywinks. We traded. I love me some trading and do it a lot but I don't mention it usually because I don't want to put the other person in an awkward know? But I will say that 75% of the things I get off of Etsy is done through made Christmas so fun this year...anyway...since she mentioned it on her blog I thought it would be ok to mention here...if she is still up for trading I would go ask because you are sure to get some fun stuff. :)
Fifth, I got these and some other goodies from my SIL the other day...cute little leather flowers...can't wait to use them! Thank you CC!!
Sixth, Mrs. Amy went and bought me this paper and then wouldn't let me pay for it...she even included chocolate and goldfish for Moses in the package. :) He was so excited to get his own little box of them and I am excited for this YuMmY paper! Thank you Amy!

Seventh. One of the main reasons I love living in Virginia is that in general we do not suffer with extreme weather of any sort. The worst that we usually get is some heavy rain or wind as a result of a hurricane...but generally nothing to get excited about. I like that. Last night was the first time I was ever afraid for my safety because of weather. From roughly 8-11pm or so we were under Tornado WARNING! With crazy thunderstorms, heavy rains, wind and all that mess. I was heart raced the whole time, until they took down the Tornado warnings...not watch mind you but Warning! I was so scared that I made Doug come up with a plan with what we will do as soon as they warn us to take cover...who will go get Moses (both of us), where will we go (downstairs bathroom). I am just glad that he was home and not closing like he usually does on Thursdays...I would have been a mess. I was terrified and hardly slept at all last night. This is not the Virginia I am used to.

Eighth, someone anonymous asked if I could do a sign/card for them with a specific verse on it...please contact me via Etsy to discuss. :)

Ok done. :) Happy Friday!


Kristi said...

Sorry I don't comment more often. I read all of your posts and enjoy visiting your blog all the time. I know how important comments are. I feel lonely when I don't get many.

Yeah I just finished my first messenger bag and will be posting soon!

Anonymous said...

oh...sorry you were so scared. Must have been super freaky. Glad you have a plan now.

Love love love all the ribbons and how you organize. That's art in itself. =-)

xoxoxoxo hivers

Anonymous said...

sorry you had such a scary night. glad you guys have a plan now. hopefully that's comforting.

love love love all the yummy ribbons & how you organized them. that's art in itself.

xoxoxoxo hivers

Anonymous said...

When I was little we lived in Florida and used to get tornado warnings and fierce storms all the time. I was so terrified that I would pack up all of my special things (mostly stuffed animals)in a box and go sit by the front door until I felt safe. I am thankful we live in NJ because I am still terrified of bad storms/tornado warnings to this day, and we don't get many of those around here!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Your photos are so pretty!

I lived in the midwest as a child and I remember those scary tornado warnings. We spent a lot of time hunkered down in our basement. I'm glad to live in a safer place now!

happy weekend,

Trish said...

I so LOVE organization...I could just stare at that pic all day! One time me and my best friend were at Wal-Mart trying to find boxed cards, (this was before I was into crafting!) and it was so unorganized we sat there and organized it for the Wal-Mart workers. Pathetic I know, but it was so much fun:)

Anonymous said...

It seems that you are worrier in some areas like tornadoes/weather and not a worrier in others (like you wrote about in your post from the other day) so it's good to know you're normal and do worry about some things! :)

Tornadoes are really scary to me too. There really is no warning (even thought sometimes they do post it on TV - really tornadoes can pop up instantly) and they are just so destructive. It seems that we all have that inherent (maybe wizard of oz caused?) fear

Amy Bell said...

blah tornado warnings! earthquakes in IN! what is going on?

love your ribbon organization..i am coveting should see my ribbon is really scary. oh really scary.


Chrissie Grace said...

I found your blog today through Noodle and Lou and I came back tonite to enjoy it some more. I was so happy to see you visited me somehow too, and one of my pieces is on your etsy favorites.
I put you on my daily reads!:)
Chrissie Grace

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

meant to mention... your new banner pic is THE BEST... so sweet... those little feet!

yes commenting is like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning... like the butter on toast... like wind in your sail! lol! :)

Allikaye's Mama said...

You have such fun crafty stuff at your house! I wish I could come over and play with you - or at least bring you with me shopping!! And I love getting comments too - it makes you feel like you have friends in this big wide bloggy world!! So thanks, friend!!

Julie said...

I have that ribbon/goodie organizer too! (Thank you Michael's coupon) Yours looks just as cute as the one on the box! I have been through one tornado warning when I was in Tennessee. Soooo scary!

tiffany said...

When my second child was 5 days old and my daughter was barely 4, my husband went out of town to work. We had the storm of the year that night. The news called it "Tornado Tracker 2004!!!!" Anyway, I was so scared, that I came up with my own plan like you did. My plan was to place my 5 day old baby in the Baby Bjorn carrier (that straps to you) so that I could hold on to my 4 year old (in case the tornado tries to blow her away, you know)and hold on to the TOILET with my other arm. When you see footage of houses blown away by a tornado, the toilet is almost always STILL SITTING THERE!

Bethany said...

So, first of all let me say that I LOVE your blog I just don't seem to comment much! And since I live for comments on my blog, I am going to try to do better at that!! I think I might just link to that post you shared as well...maybe I'll encourage some new commenters!

Love all your new goodies and the ribbon organizer! That is really fun!! So bright and happy!!

Sorry to hear about the storm scare...I am from Kansas and believe me I have been through more tornado warnings than I can even count. It is funny how when you grow up with them, you don't think much about them, ya know?! I mean, obviously tornados are scary, but since I never knew what life was like without warnings (until a year and a half ago when I moved), I never thought about it!!

Hope you have a happy weekend!!

Simply Me said...

You are something else I so look forward to visting everyday and i do... Happy Mother's Day to you...
I can tell your a great Mom...

Hugs! Lanny

Karen said...

I'm such a bad blog-reader, I hardly every comment! That storm was way scary...(my) Doug and I were camping in Amherst and stayed up most of the night watching the lightning and listening to the rain. Spooky to say the least, but we weathered the storm okay. Only minor tent leakage, and no damage to our campsite. We had our dog, Chance, with us and he was only a little scared of the thunder. The rain didn't seem to bother him at all.
Thanks for the link to that post...I think I will link to it on my blog as well.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know bloggers like comments. So here's mine: Your blog has helped me to reestablish my walk with God. I had been negligent in that part of my life for awhile, but after reading your blog, I have been praying a lot more, and looking for a church. I was raised in a family that never spoke about God, and I've had trouble believing that God exists at times. I have a son about the same age as Moses, and I don't want him to have the same doubts. I also want him to be in a joyous, strong family, and Christ can make that happen. I am married to a loving Christian man, so we DO talk about God a lot, but we (well, I...) could be doing better in my relationship with Him. Anyway, thank you for writing your blog. You are motivational and have inspired me in a way that I didn't know I needed.

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