The things you never thought you would do...

Today has sucked. Let's just be honest about that upfront. It didn't start off too bad mind you...considering that yesterday Moses developed the worst diaper rash of his life and suffered with it through the night...I prayed and begged and pleaded with God to heal that cute little bum...and this morning it looked so much better! We even went out and got our errands home about 11am and spent the next one hour solid changing dia-rear know the kind. Change a diaper, walk away, smell something, change another diaper, walk away, smell something...something like that. Only these are diaper rash diaper changes, so you can't just change and have to remove exploded into poopy diaper, rinse bum with water, pat dry, rinse , pat, rinse, pat, air dry for as long as the boy will stay in one place, apply half-inch of butt cream, re-diaper and repeat. For an HOUR. Repeat a couple hours later. Add to that the fact that he puked into my cupped hands only because he filled his mouth overflowing with goldfish and because he has Doug's gag reflex. Oh yes. That kind of day. Which got me thinking about all of the things I have done since becoming a mother that I never ever thought about...or cared to. Here are a few:
1. Apply cream directly to someones crevice, happily.
2. Help someone poop (pushing that day was not cutting it for him...nothing like knees to the chest to get things moving)
3. Be pooped on.
4. Have vomit deposited into my hands, hair, ears, eyes, nose and every article of clothing possible.
5. Ditto for poop.
6. Ditto for spit-up, drool, puke, dribble, pee (almost forgot pee) and snot. Yes, they are all different.
7. Not mind getting up every few hours with a baby.
8. I won't even get into labor and delivery.
9. Discuss poop with an adult in a non-humorous way(I would never do this in a humorous way) what color, what shape, how much, when, where, how?
10. Throw a binky across the room.
11. Not care about having that perfect body.

Where is God in all of this mess? I'll tell you where. He is in it so much that I can do it, write about it, laugh about it, talk about it and move on. I can't see His finger directly but I know He is there. I can feel it in the Joy of being a mom, even through all the mess. As I looked through some of Moses first photos to scan in for this post all the frustration just melted away and I remember how I can do all of these things. There is nothing good in me except Jesus. And that is how I do it. I don't know how you could do it without him.
Ok now you...let's hear what you have done since becoming a mother that you never thought about before?

Above are some of Moses' first pics...note the dark hair and perma-mohawk that he had for his first few weeks. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE this precious boy.


Eric and Michelle said...

I feel like being a mother defines so much of who I am and I honestly can not remember life before or what I never thought I would do, since I have just been doing it for so long, and can't even imagine doing anything else.

traci said...

WOW...that doesnt even look like moses!!! Who would thought he would have dark,hair...his skin coloring even looks darker. He was indeed a gorgeous, gorgeous baby!!!
All mommies have been peed on and pooped on...soooo much fun. I did hear one mom say she went to get her baby in the crib and he had taken off his dipaer and was EATING IT!!! The good Lord knew not to have my kids do that...I would have just crawled in a corner and cried...LOL

Amy Bell said...

Yesterday, Luke was sitting on my lap when I was reading your blog. He saw Moses with the band-aid on his head and said "oh look, a band-aid! tell that cute baby to get better". So funny. Sounds like a little stomach thing going around..Zeke had it 3 months ago...gross. I use aquafor on his rear..I like vaseline, coats, so when the next BM comes, it does not let the acid burn his bum. Since Luke saw the poop specialist, I talk about poop like what's for dinner. gross. I am going to light a candle now.

get well Moses!!!!

meg duerksen said...

i never thought i'd gain 50 pounds 5 different times.

sadly i didn't lose 50 pounds each time either. :(
with each one i kept about 5 pounds on.

i never thought i'd catch throw up in my hands in walmart.
i never thought i'd take my shirt off on the side of the highway because it was so covered in vomit that i had to change right then.
and so many more things...

Sara Luke said...

Wow! He looks like a different kid in his baby pictures!

Anonymous said...

Here's a giggle for you....

Never thought I wouldn't be embarrassed by a huge hole in the back of my jeans while in a dept. store. I could either buy a new pair of pants while taking the time to do so, or get my tired & grumpy baby to our comfy and warm car & on the way home. Laughed at the image in the mirror & casually walked out. NEVER EVER would have been seen in public like that before being a mommy. I totally would have noticed before leaving the house before. Had no idea how long that hole had been there..."hi floral undies" as I rarely looked in the mirror during those very new mommy days.

You may want to call Moses' doc about the rash. Our pediatrician makes this special and fabulously effective coctail for diaper rashes.

xoxoxoxooxoxxo hivers

p.s. Never thought tears of joy would POUR out of my eyes when my little preschooler (among dozens of others) was singing at her Christmas concert. My husband was perplexed! HA!!!

Emily Loria said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, those pictures are precious!

I love LOVE this post. SO true.

I never thought I would do a spontanious cheerleading song to help someone go poop in the potty.

April said...

Chloe enjoyed seeing Moses' baby pics....

Flander's buttock my pharmacy you have to ask for it its behind the counter...only thing to EVER work for us....

I thanked God for this sutff.

Kristi said...

I never thought I'd carry a potty seat around with me in public when Miles was first potty trained. Luckily he soon decided he wanted nothing to do with the potty seat... Well I wasted some money getting seats for all of the potties in the house, but I'm not complaining!

Amazing, Miles (blondie now) was also born with BLACK hair - lots of it. At first I wondered if the child actually came out of me. But it fell out and in came the blond.

Smith Family Blog said...

Great post! There are so many things I never thought I would do...
Like have to hold my 9-month old down when getting an IV :(
Or watching my one-year-old go through rabies shots :(

BUT, I also never knew I would LAUGH SO HARD every day with his antics!

Anonymous said...

I wrote a comment on your previous post when your son bumped his head and I see you're still going through a rough patch, like we all do, so I wanted to come back here and give you some more encouragement.

I heard this song, entitled, "One HeartBeat at a time" by Steven Curtis Chapman - check it out on youtube or yahoo search for the lyrics. It's very appropriate for Mother's Day and I thought you'd enjoy it. The little things you do really do make a difference!!

God watches us all the time...He sees every little act we do in the name of love. Every single little one! I'm sure on those days that are just plain hard that He LOVES when we just allow Him to give us the strength and ability to love and serve more. When we're struggling, and when the day just plain sucks as you put it, we continue to serve and love our babies and that is so powerful to Him. To love when it's not easy. To be patient when you are losing patience. To serve when you are totally served-out.

We are so blessed to have been chosen to fufill the role of mother; there is not a more wonderful or cherished role in my mind. Have a blessed Mother's Day! Congratulations on being chosen to be one! :)

janae said...

Those pics of your son are PRECIOUS! I love the yellow and white striped tee one with his little hand above his head.

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