The next time you see me I may be bald.

Because Moses is about two minutes from making me pull my hair out! He has gone from clingy to stinker this weekend...wants nothing to do with me and will not let go of Doug. We have had plenty of time-outs this weekend...but I am the one who needs a break! See that little band-aid on his noggin? That is what we will call "icing on the cake"...mid-fit he fell and landed head first onto the corner of an open drawer. As you can see from the photo above, it wasn't long until it was back to business as usual for he is receiving calls on the DVD remote. Look how sad. :( This is the worst wound he has had so far in his short little life. Hopefully he will leave a band-aid on...we didn't feel the need to take him to the ER. I am very anti-ER. I am also a non-worrier but I do worry that I don't worry enough. Does that make sense to anyone? I think it means that there are probably things I should worry about but don't but I don't have the ability to know if I should worry or not...hmmm...I'll just stop. Today marks the beginning of Doug's birthday week! This is one of our favorite family is high on both of our love languages so...we do birthdays big. You are really king or queen for the week...including choosing when your week can be the week leading up to your birthday, the week following or you can have your birthday plop in the middle. You get to choose the menu, mostly and best of all you get a present each and every day! Some are small gifts some are big but you get to choose one every day! :) Happy birthday week honey!!! We can't wait to do this with Moses!Amy Butler has a new line out at Micheal's...I tried to restrain myself and only came home with three things...if you know me that is pretty darn good!
To make up for his ridiculous behavior I made him wash my car...don't forget the tires Moses!


April said...

I bought some of that same Amy Butler line today...the paper...its delish...I will sell some and of course keep some...we have had a stinker here ALL weenend too...maybe its in the air....take a deep breath !!


Amy Bell said...

oh yes..stinkers..had a frustrating day with the oldest one..not sure what to do about some things...lots of praying to do tonight...and, the little one? well, he has had a weekend of bumps and bruises...i think he is hitting a growth spurt...oh boy, oh boy. Amy Butler at Michaels? Where have I been? I am going to clip my little coupon right now! so glad you are in the know!
:) me

Anonymous said...

Things will get better!! I am the same when it comes to worry. And I know what you mean about sometimes worrying that I don't worry enough. I think to myself: maybe if I knew more info, I'd worry more, am I just missing something? But then I just say to myself....

Worry doesn't do any good anyway. I absolutely believe that if we are not worriers naturally - it's a blessing. I believe that that is exactly how God would want us to be. Having no anxiety or worry about anything... right? Instead we should just "by prayer & supplication bring our requests to Him" - we should just go to Him trusting He will take care of us and our babies.

I guess if anything maybe we should just prayer for the Holy Spirit to give us knowledge to be able to enlighten us when we should be listening to our mommy intuition that tells us that something isn't "right" or some area needs more attention.

Anyway - sorry to bombard my thoughts on your blog. I don't comment much nor do I know you - but I thought you could use some encouragement!

Also - it is so hard during clingy stage. Especially when the babies are so attached to hubby and grow out of attachment so much to mommy - we want our spouse & children to have a wonderful bond yet we don't want it to sacrifice our bond with them in any way - a catch 22 type of thing.

But all that will work itself out, the toddler stage is hard. In the mean time, when I have days/weeks like you describe, I just thank God for my children and I thank God that the children and my husband have a wonderful relationship and I just trust that no matter what it appears like: mommy is extremely important and irreplaceable and appreciated even when I don't "feel" like that's true.

I'm sure you're doing a wonderful job as mommy. You clearly care about your son tremendously and it's a great thing you care, even though sometimes it hurts to care so deeply! Welcome to parenthood haha.

No worries though - this too shall pass!

and finally -- Happy Birthday (week) to your husband!

Simply Me said...

bO bO, on baby's head~ie, poor baby but it looks like he's just fine,he must be if the remote is in his hand,I know that always makes my husband feel better LOL!

Have a great Monday! Lanny.

Simply Me said...

Oh yes, say Happy Birthday to your hubby...

just me again.

Eric and Michelle said...

Poor baby :( said...

i also have the inability to worry.
when i hear about some of the things people do worry about sometimes i am shocked.
i think 99% of the time this inability is a gift. :)
because the 1% of the time i do worry i feel sick to my stomach.
but occasionally we end up with kids with holes in their heads adn their moms thinking "you'll be fine"
and then later you think..."will they?"

happy birthday week to doug. :)

Trish said...

That birthday week is a great idea:) I'm all about the gifts too! My littlest one is sick today and super clingy, she's singing right now, which is a good sign, "If you're happy and you know it:)"

Anonymous said...

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