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Hello friends! Hope you are as happy and pleased with your life as I am in this moment! Yesterday was Doug's day off. I have made it one of my personal missions to try to make his days off as fun and enjoyable as possible...this man works so hard for his family...I want his days off to be awesome...you have to plan awesomeness you know? We started the day with cinnamon rolls for breakfast...how can you have a bad day with that kind of start? I have also decided to make Tuesdays a pseudo day off for me too...I do less Etsy and less bloggy stuff and we try to do at least one house project and spend lots of time together just enjoying being together and having fun. Last night while we were watching NOTHING on TV I remade some cupcakes (see above). LOVE them! I also found some micro-mini-tiny marbles that may work as sprinkles...I also got some suggestions for other sealer and seed beads...I may give those a try too. The cupcakes are in the shop now if you must have them. :) You can get that cute pin cushion from Kristi...go HERE.
Today started as a bleak day...wet, gray and dreary. Moses and I ran some errands and since I was in Starbucks anyway, I decided to treat myself to a white chocolate mocha...and was instantly taken back to the days that my friend Q and I would sit in Barnes and Noble for hours...sipping, snacking, knitting, reading each other funny books or interesting magazine articles. Those were the days...and so are todays days, too. :)
And THIS idea really made me like myself for being me today. So I am in love with those fun, chunky necklaces that are so popular at the moment...but I refuse to pay $15-20 or more for ONE necklace...made of plastic mind you. So while I was in Micheal's today I saw these beads and remembered all of the short silver chains that were sitting in my jewelry box at home(because every pendant you get comes with one) and realized that I could make them myself...these three cost me less than $10. Each set was $2.99. Is it just me or is that great!?!This is all done...and waiting to be picked up by its new owner. :)
We found a new use for our AC/heater fan thingamajig. Fills the sky with bubbles and I don't nearly pass out from lack of oxygen. :)
And here is a new item I am working on...personalized magnets! Here are Moses and my sweet niece Kyleigh. :) This is what happens when you try to hold them both at the same time...one is happy and the other screams. :)
And finally...all these sweet goodies came in the mail from Ms. Amy. Vintage purse handles, trims and a lovely pink tupperware. :) Thanks friend! :)

That's all for today! Hope you are well and blessed!!
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Kelli said...

Great post. Your so creative.

Kristi said...

tee hee, I see the pin cushion I made you made it into a cameo in your shop and blog. I LOVE the new pins, wish they were there yesterday when I bought my cards. Hope you make more and hope hubby gets a job so I can buy some. :-) You are so creative in all you do!

Kate said...

i am in love w/your stuff!!! I create country things, but am wanting to kindof get away from it, because it really does not sell like it used too!! I have definitely got some inspiration from you to try something new! thanks so much:)

Trish said...

Loving the new cupcakes:)
Cupcakes are just so fun:)

Bethany said...

I see someone has already had to have your cupcakes...they are gone!! FUN for you!

Anyway, loving those little personalized magnets...I am totally seeing a grandma gift there!!!

Glad today was a good one!!

Holly said...

Yummy cupcakes. Great idea for the necklaces too. You're fabulous, sweet friend. Glad you guys enjoyed your family time. What a blessing! xoxoxoxo

Sara Mincy said...

I am seriously so glad I found your blog- Great post.

ccp said...

awww. i SO miss the B&N days. White mochas are no longer my friend. #1-i found out the amount of fat grams in just 1, which goes straight to my rear #2-the baby doesn't like it :(

i remember picking out the stupidest books and making each other listen....ahh. yes...and have about a BILLION people ask us what we were doing...WITH YARN.....Ummmmmmm, DUH!

Eric and Michelle said...

Love the magnets

The Queen's Castle said...

You are so freakin' creative - its almost too much. Didn't I read just a few days (posts) ago, when you decided to pick up the clay and "try it out".

Top it off, you did those super cute magnets. Again, just too snazzy!

I pinned my super-cute house tags to my bulletin board. I have no purpose for them other that to look & enjoy.

Keep up the great work!

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