Do you think about Heaven everyday? I do. At least once a day I find myself imagining what that will be like. Everyone has some sort of concept of what they think that will look like...to some it is clouds and harps with angels all around, to others it is an endless banquet table full of all their favorite foods, to some it is a garden or painting or some beautiful thing that inspires what they think Heaven will be. I was unsure until recently. I bounced around from harps to clouds to foods and flowers but now I have settled down. After reading "This Beautiful Mess" I have forever changed my idea of Heaven. Here is what I have learned. The Bible tells us that Heaven will be a restored physical world that has never fallen under the curse of sin or death. Beauty all around for us to enjoy forever without the plague of worry, want, pain or agony. Just days to enjoy and spend with loved ones, days to follow God and worship Him. We will exist in a body that is raised in glory. Our days will still have purpose, excitement, joy and freedoms just without the worries that we live with today. I have always longed for these days but it wasn't until recently that I realized that this is what Heaven will be like. All the beauty and splendor that life has to offer but without the drag of being human and living with our sin. Can you imagine it?


Simply Me... said...

Thank You so much for sharing today and yes I think of heaven everyday, I will see you there someday.


Smith Family Blog said...

C-- I needed that so much today. I get so dragged down by the worries of the world, and sometimes the load is just too much. I needed this perspective-- and HOPE-- this morning.

Amy Bell said...

wow...a great reminder today...a good thing to really focus my day...i hope we can craft together in heaven!

Trish said...

Seriously just the thought is making my eyes water! I can't wait to see Heaven in all it's glory. I think it will be brighter there too. I think Jesus shines brighter then the sun:)

Plus, I know I will get to see my daughter that I lost almost 5 years ago now and my little Lainie will be completely healed and able to walk with know difficulties!

I want to tell Jesus to hurry up already, but I know he'll come when the time is right!

Thank you for reminding me to long for Heaven!

Holly said...

Mmmmm....dreamy. Thanks for this inspiring post. xoxoxoxo

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts!

i think that is the thing about heaven... we are human... our brains can not fully understand just how glorious it will be! it is beyond anything we can grasp! the gift of heaven... everlasting... wow!

Julie said...

I always looked forward to a future in heaven but never really thought about that much until my daughter died. After that the promise that she is in the splendor of the Lord and will know no earthly pain was so comforting. I now simply cannot wait to live there in all it's perfection.

meg duerksen said...

it will be amazing.
and to see Christ!
and worship right there!
and think of all the people you will get see again.
and how long it may have been since you may have seen them?!
oh it's just so out of my understanding.
thanks for reminding me of it tonight.

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