Closet problems.

Hello again friends! Yesterday was Doug's day off so we spent the day playing together as a I was avoiding the blog a little until I could clear some thoughts in my head...more on that in a bit but first, here are some fun shots from our day! We took Moses to one of the local playgrounds so he could get his play on. He had a blast. :)

I have never seen cuter, right?
We had a great time! We had to drag him away from the park...One of the things I love about Charlottesville is our awesome downtown. It was voted #1 city in the USA in 2003 or so and I can see why...there are tons of cool shops, places to eat and things to see when you are downtown.
Lots of old fun buildings that are pretty well taken care of.
Trees and lush flowers are reminds me of some sort of fair every time we venture downtown.
There is this cool wall down there too...there is chalk available and you can write on it whatever you want. There are usually great messages here...until someone has to ruin it with political garbage. Be nice to one another. :)

I have also been working on this lovely little pillow for a special customer and friend. :) What do you think so far Mrs. Holly?

Also, I found this fun website...full of lots of ideas for crafts and activities for kids.

So here is what I am grumbling about at the moment. And here is to hoping that you can relate and that I am not just a spoiled brat who needs to get over it and be thankful for what she has (which I am). So, my closet is a disaster. Not like unorganized or messy but like I hate everything in it. Or at least like 90%. I have very few clothes that I can say that I love. Part of the problem is that when there is extra money to be spent on clothes, I always insist on spending it on Doug or Moses. Doug because he deserves it because he works so hard and/or because he needs clothes for work. Moses because he outgrows things in like half day, by the time I get something through the wash I feel like he has outgrown it. Recently I went to dress him and realized that he had like two pair of shorts that fit him. So, I have been buying a pair of shorts every time I go to Target and we are getting there but I digress... The last straw happened this morning when I went to get dressed and discovered a hole in the BUTT of my favorite express khakis. :( Because of that it took me 45 minutes to find something to wear and I ended up feeling like I looked like a mom in what I was wearing. Yuck. Another part of the problem is that I have so much trouble finding clothes that fit me well...I am pretty tall and slim and I also enjoy being dressed modestly. This is like the worst possible combo it seems as everything is skimpy, too short or on the other end of the extreme...frumpy and tasteless. Add to that the fact that I have next to no fashion sense or sense of style and you have a recipe for what is going on my closet right now. Everything is plain, doesn't fit right or is just ridiculous.
I need help. Or at least to go shopping. Doug, my sweet honey, told me to go out and buy whatever would make it better. He is sweet but that is easier said than done...I have serious issues with convincing myself to buy things for me...others, no problem, me, I can think of 1000 reasons not to. Anyone else struggle with this? Or am I just a brat who needs to get over it and be thankful that there are any clothes in my closet?


Kristi said...

I can absolutely relate to you about the clothing issue. If I go into a fun clothing store and try things on I get depressed that nothing looks good on me. I am scared to death of anything too much more than plain because I think I look awful in it and I have no sense of how to put an outfit and accessories together. If I pick something I like, it is usually so out of style or projects an image (little girl) that I do not want to portray. So most of my clothes are plain and boring because I don't feel I can pull anything else off. I truly need a stylist to help me. But that make me sound spoiled too!

Sara Luke said...

Ugh. I battle with this every morning when I get dressed. My clothes fit so much differently than they did pre-baby. It seems that American Eagle jeans aren't well-suited for the post-partum body . . . though those are the only jeans I have so I wear them anyway. I can find things that fit well and that I like, but they're too expensive. And I can find inexpensive clothing, but it rarely fits well.

I mean, I work at a camp so I don't need anything fancy, but I honestly feel like a fashion disaster every time I leave the house.

It's sad, really.

April said...

You should be here to watch me try to get dressed...slinging shirts all over like a mad woman....and they make a dress to fit a body that has given birth....come on now...I am a size 2 for crying out loud..but after giving birth things are not where they were before...I just want a dress for pete's sake......

C said...

It is true. Your body is waaaay different after birth. I have lost every ounce of the 55lbs I gained with Moses but that does not seem to help...sigh.

Anonymous said...

This may sound backwards, but please go shopping for yourself--because that will be good for him and for your relationship. He probably wants a wife who is wearing what makes her feel attractive and comfortable and confident. When you neglect yourself, you are sending a (negative?) message to him--and to others. Go buy some items you will enjoy for some time to come, and don't feel guilty about it!

Lora said...

Do you thrift shop? I've found some really nice, name brand and inexpensive jeans at Goodwill. When they only cost $6. you can buy a lot more and if you're losing weight or your body is changing, thrifting is good for that transition. Wherever you shop, just do it! You deserve it! If you're unhappy (even over clothes) you're family is affected.

It's not bratty to complain about clothes... I think ALL women have "closet problems" at one time or another. :O)

Smith Family Blog said...

I say GO SHOPPING! Get a couple pairs of pants/capris/shorts, whatever it is you need, with 4-5 shirts that go with. That way you maximize your wardrobe. Go in with an amount you won't cross, and that will help you find the most bang for your buck.

And, while you are at it, get some new shoes or jewelry! For me accessorizing is the key-- my pants might not fit (I gained 50 with my Moses-- it must be a Moses thing!), but at least I have accesorized nicely! And besides, you can't outgrow earrings. :)

Pamela said...

We used to go shopping all the time! What happened? Go get some fun stuff. I always think you look cute.

Karen said...

I have the same issues with clothing..and if I don't find anything I like it totally sets my mood for the day and I can't get comfortable. If you need a local shopping buddy I'm game. I love clothes shopping :)

Trish said...

I was just saying this to my hubby this morning!!! It seems like I wear the same jeans and zip up hoodie everyday, just a different t-shirt!!! YUCK!

Jeremy said...

polka dots. black and white. and jeans.

im a dude... thats all i got.

Eric and Michelle said...

Crystal you do always look cute. I totally relate to loving being a Mom but not wanting to look like one. I absolutley DESPISE low rise! When you are left with a kangaroo pouch after giving birth nothing fits right. You though my dear friend have a ironboard for a stomach. Listen to your honey. Go shopping! Retail therapy can do wonders!

meg duerksen said...

just go shop.
just do it.
talk yourself's just this's not every weekend.
you deserve it.
you work hard too. not everyone can go to work outside the home. but you work just as hard in the home. and your shop IS work.
go go go.
and buy the good stuff...not the cheap crappy stuff like my wardrobe. :)
i don't even know where to find the good stuff anymore. but express sounds like a good place to start.

Jenn said...

I can relate! I am so jealous of my hubby who can throw on a pair of shorts and tee shirt and look cute! Love the pictures of your cutie:):) xox...jenn

Holly said...

Dearest Crystal...please take good care of yourself & buy new clothes that make you happy. YOU DESERVE IT!!!! Take a friend with you and try tons of stuff on. Ever watch "what not to wear?" They have some good ideas. You are not being unreasonalbe. This is a real problem for us moms w/ puke stained t-shirts and ripped pants. =-) So glad you noticed before going out in public!

Oh and love the pillow so far. Too too cute and fun.

What a fabulous day out and about in your lovely city. Could Moses be any cuter? I think not.

Many hugs, sweet friend. Have fun shopping!!!

Amy Bell said...

hmm..i have the same problem..i did not lose all the weight after Zeke..nope...i still have some on.. and well, finding clothes? not very fun. i do go thrift-shopping and a couple of months ago i found hollister jeans...i love them..i did just go to american eagle last night and they have $20 jeans and good prices on LONG it. i bought the jeans...good fit. my annual garage sale is coming up june 5-6..think that may be clothes money for mama. :)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

first... LOVE the bloom pillow!

you need to do for YOURSELF! i firmly believe (don't always listen) that you have to take care of yourself FIRST... making you feel better... ready to take on the day & your precious ones!

my hubbie always says..."it is what it is" (drives me bonkers but true)... fact is you need to go shopping for YOU! :) do it! go!

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