Are you sure you want to read ALL of this?

Doug was working last night. Moses and I hung out the whole time. No Etsy or Crafting. Just pat a cake, twinkle twinkle little star, this little piggy and a few other favorites. I love when he wants to cuddle with me. :) I taught him how to use his toy hammer and screwdriver. :) It really is the little things you know. There is A LOT in this post so hang on...Someone recently asked about my crafting space...I have shown this before but I don't mind to share again. I love having a nice little nook where I don't have to put everything away each time I use it...I am in the process of reorganizing it. Kristi--this IS my creative process...pull out a million things that I want to use...and turn a table full of workspace into five square inches.
Here is where my MAC lives. I love my MAC. Here is where I sew. For now. One day we will have a basement where my paper and fabric can live together. :) It isn't always this neat...but I do try...for Doug's sake. Do you have a craving that takes you over? Mine is Better batter ice cream with oreos and rainbow sprinkles from Maggie Moos. I wait to eat it until Moses goes to sleep so I don't have to share...terrible aren't I? Do you see this delish jar of ribbon? You can win it...just go here! Mmmm. Look at all those polka dots and ribbony goodness. :) Those jars are huge, I have them, so that is a TON of ribbon....go, go, go!

AND THE WINNER OF THE GOODY BAG IS........................AMANDA!!
Go check out her lovely blog! Amanda you can email me at to send me your address!

And one more thing...I have had these books (as well as many, many others) on my list for a while now and thought, before I buy them, I would see if anyone has a copy they are dying to get rid of? Just shoot me an email if

And FINALLY...I know I already said one more thing...but this really is it... a BOGO sale in the shop...Buy one item and get the next one 50% off...go here for details!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trish said...

Hah, I love to wait to eat my ice cream when the kids go to bed, so I don't have to share too:) Not bad, it's actually very smart!

Oh my goodness, I want that MAC so bad...okay Trish stop looking and wipe the drool! I am so sick of this D**L. I'll let you fill in the blanks! :)

I had to laugh when you said 5 square inches of work space:) It's so funny how that happens. I have a 6 foot long table and the same happens for me too? It's a mystery. I also try to keep all my "crafty" belongings in one spot, I'm not doin' so hot right now. My hubby is so sweet though, he hasn't said one word about it to me all week! Thankfully he is very happy for me to be doing what I do and making money at it too.

Sorry for the long post, I guess I felt like rambling! Happy day!

Kristi said...

I LOVED this post! The first pic got me right in the heart. That reminds me of my little Miles. He is so cuddly too and I love(d) the time alone we had when Ella went to school. This may sound like a weird question, but does Moses have a "scent"? Miles does and I love it. I don't know if I smell it better because I am female? Then again I love the scent of men's sweat.

OK, you still with me? LOL! Great workspace, I just have my little sewing nook which may be why I don't do much paper crafting.

Thanks for your thoughts on Jason's interview. Unfortunately I think they will want him more than he will want them because they will want him to work late and he wants to have a life (it is a long train commute to the city). But I am feeling up that he had AN interview and hope it will boost his confidence and help in whatever way it can. As far as our other little problem, good news on that too. Without saying too much I will just put it this way... guy did motocross, had many previous hand injuries, will be hard to prove not a previous injury. Do ya get me?

Our power's been out all day and I've been pricing items for our garage sale (a good thing because I would have been sewing to avoid GS stuff if the electricity was on). But now I'm off to create a new item for the store. Or so I hope.

Ha ha, looks like you get long comments for the long post.

Amy Bell said...

oh it bad that i really want that work space? it is so hip and cool..and inspiring..ok, some time next week i will be brave and show you where i work...scary larry.

had a talk with the family member that was causing some went inspired me with your, i took a leap toward honesty with her..tough. really tough. but, it went well as i can expect.

thinking of you today..heading to a big garage sale tomorrow to craft tonight...
give moses high fives from the bell boys!

Bethany said...

First of are SO not the only mama out there that saves her treats until the babes are in bed!!! I have been known to do the same thing...or maybe stash candy in my purse and sneak a piece while the kids are playing!! I can't help it...BOTH of my kids have my sweet tooth and sometimes I just don't want to share EVERYTHING!!! :)

Thanks for sharing your workspace! FUN! What is that bright happiness in the jar by the computer? Little eggs or covered balls? I'll have to enlarge the rest of them later...we are having some major technical issues around here today and things are taking FOREVER to load!!

That is such a cute pic of you and Moses! What a little sweetie!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Julie said...

I have driven by a Maggie Moos dozens of times and always wondered if it was good. Now I am going to have to stop in for a treat. Thanks for the tip! Love your "sewing" room, I sew in the dining room too. I secretly want to throw my girls in the same room so I can have a craft space, but that is a recipe for disaster. Dining room it is...

hautemommy said...

OK, I LOVE your crafting area!!! :) It is so cute, I am just loving your house! And that book about raising boys is totally intriguing me- I have never seen it and now might have to check it out! Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend! xo!

BC said...

Thank you for showing pics of your workspace!!! I am always inspired by seeing how other people create the things they love.

Love all the road signs on the walls!!

Your whole house seem so adorable...keep those fun house/yard pics coming!

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