Tids and bits...

This is what 200 free prints looks like...0r 150 Pampers points. I FINALLY reached my goal to get these freebies...and we have hundreds of wipes in the closet to boot.
The last couple of days have been slow going...the rain and gray are seriously slowing me up...I do have three houses in the works...one is claimed...Scottie do you like one more than the others?
Cuter than ever...I think the middle on is my favorite.
Here is a teaser for you...I have an idea for this piece of "trash".
And here is a good idea...in case you don't already know it..I store my sheet sets in one of the pillowcases that goes with the set(see top shelf)...that way when you are going to make the bed, everything is right there!! How clever am I?

Seed question: I store the eggs in an egg carton with the top cut off...they live in my laundry room window where they get good sun.

Sharpie Question: I personally think that the DVD pen is a marketing thing...surely we would have heard more about this if it was an issue...You don't have to take my word for it though...see here. I also found similar answers when researching photo websites as well. I store my photo CDs in a CD case and we plan to eventually get a fire proof safe to store them in. We have also toyed with the idea of getting an external hard drive for just photos...we also always print off our favorites.

And JUST because I love all my blog readers and I probably owe you one for the April fools joke...I will give you FREE SHIPPING for all orders in the shop...just put "Blog Reader" in the notes to seller and I will refund your shipping!!! Friday, Saturday and Sunday only!! :)
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megduerksen.typepad.com said...

the sheets in a pillow case is a wonderful awesome idea! so very martha!
i will definitely try this.

i am getting all your swap stuff together!!!
i love giving gifts so this is right up my alley.

Scottie said...

Ooo....man..put the pressure on. :) I love them all....but I think I will go with the first one cause that blue is the same color as my kitchen. ;) Nice pillowcase idea...if only I were organized....

jimaie.marie said...

the pillowcase idea is BRILLIANT!!

Amy Bell said...

you know sister, I am kinda glad you don't live by me...cause if you came over you might see that I steal your ideas sometimes because they are really GOOD. So, I am off to put all the sheets in the same pillow case. such a little smarty pants, you are....:)

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