Soaking up my son...

I often wonder if other mothers love their children as much as I love mine. I wonder if other mothers wonder this too. I think I wonder this a lot partly because I am a mom and partly because of my degree is in social work with an emphasis in child welfare.

Up to the day I had Moses I worked as a case manager with 25-30 kids on my caseload and I know that those kids were not as loved as my son. It saddens me just to type that but I know it to be true...most social workers could tell you this, though it is not true of all those in need of a social worker but for the children I worked with...And it is not that the moms didn't love their children at all because I am sure they the point just before it became inconvenient to them. I think to show true love, of any kind, you must go beyond yourself and what is convenient for you to do. Do you know what I mean? The mothers I worked with would take care of the very, very, very basic needs (bathing is not considered basic) but anything that took away from "their" time was too much to ask. With many of my kids it got to the point that I would just focus on one thing with be the ONE person in their life to do what I said I would do, show up when I say I will and KEEP the promises I made to them. 95% of my kids had nothing else like me in their lives. I loved to bring them back to my office and indulge them...with attention, with my time, with concern and care, with no distractions. They loved it. My degree and that job has made me a better mother because I have seen first hand how easy it is to break a creature as fragile as a child.
At least once a day I find myself wondering how anyone could receive such a precious gift as a child and not cherish it always! Not only is it amazing to me that I get to be Moses' mom, that GOD choose me to do that but that it gives me a tiny glimpse of how much God loves me. Because if I love Moses SO much, to the point of random tears, swelling pride and joy, infatuation and utmost devotion then how much more does my Father in Heaven love me? It overwhelms me to think about it. And makes me feel more love at once and from more directions than I have ever deserved or earned.
Each and every day is a precious gift with this wonderful boy and I pray that I daily remember that and never take a moment for granted. I kiss him, hug him, hold him, love him and tell him I love him at every chance I can... This boy will never have a day where he is not told he is loved and treasured.

What is something that motherhood has showed you?
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woolies said...

My boys are 12 and 15 now, and they can still break my heart with a look, a sound, a smile. I adore them; they are my life.
One day, I really want to be a Casas volunteer (am I saying that right?). It's a child advocate in the court sytem. One day.
happy Sunday.

Emily Loria said...
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Bethany said...

What a thought provoking post! My degree is in Sociology and I worked with kids in foster care before becoming a mommy. Coming from an "ideal" family and my first job out of college, my eyes were opened to such a dark and scary world. I only worked in this field for about a year, but I often find myself wondering what ever happened to "my" kids...the ones on my case load.

The greatest gift one can ever give their child is that of selfless love. Something that seems so easy and natural for most of us...but so foreign to some. said...

this is a very sweet post.
it is amazing to think that some don't feel that huge bond and desire to love your child with al your heart.
it's humbling to think about God choosing me to be their mother.

what a gift!

Amy Bell said...

Oh, where do I start...when Luke was born, I was blown away that I could love someone as much as I love him. When I was pregnant with Zeke, I so worried about loving him as much...I worried for nothing. Once again, my full heart opened and I fell in love with him. My boys are my "sweet-tarts"...I love them!

Anonymous said...

oh....thanks for this gem. Makes me look at my children differently. Such precious gifts indeed.

Nicknames for Austin: Mannigans, Sirs, Bubbies, Austin-Bo-Boston, brother, son, Mr. Moon Chickens (the way Jillian says Mr. Mannigans), I'll just stop there. We have a few for Annie & Jillian "Beans", but Austin has the most. =-)

Amy Bell said...

you may not have time to blog today..your sale is going CRAZY!! I can't wait to get my treats! :)

Eric and Michelle said...

Crystal you know I love this post. You know how much I love motherhood. I always appreciate when others find the immense value in it.

Margaret said...

I have 2 children. A boy who is 3 and a girl who will soon be 1. My husband and I love them with all our hearts. They are God's most presious gift to us while we are on Earth.
My parents were also very loving. My Mom is a high school teacher, and our house was always open to any of her students. We would have students show up in the middle of the night sometimes needing a place to stay.
My parents are now foster parents, and it is so sad the way the children they get have been treated. They show them love while they have them, and many stay in contact after they have left.
There are so many children in foster care systems, because they are not cared for. What will our society be like when they are grown? Will they be more caring, or just repeats of thier parents?

Marie said...

Very sweet! I was blessed to read that as I too wonder the same thing. We could never fathom how much our Father in Heaven loves us, but if we just think about how much we love our own precious children, then we can get a small taste of God's love for us.

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