Hello Beautiful!!

Looky looky who came out to stay today...it's our old friend blue sky...ain't she pretty!! I was SO thrilled that she and Mr. Sun decided to grace us with their presence today...I am sure I could not take another gray day. Ahhhhhhhh.....so nice. We left the house today without a jacket and didn't think twice...that is freedom!
I could not resist a trip to the nursery on such a pretty day...got a couple of pots of this...mmmm mossy. Moses had an extra good time outside today...we even ate lunch out there...having a boy stresses me out a little...no fear of injury or dirt. I better get used to it I guess.
This is his come hither pose..."Hi, Chloe!!!" ...wink, wink. (only he would probably "wink" with both eyes). :)
I asked my honey to bring me home some chocolate last night...this is what he came home with...that is 4 lbs of chocolate my friends. He loves me...he's going to make me a chunko but he loves me... See how much he loves me... he also brought me home TWO new Starbucks mugs...the one in the back is my very favorite shade of green on the inside...the logo on the front one is their retro logo...I thought of you Meg!
And here is a fun project I have been working on...they are "Make your own tu-tu " kits...they will be favors for my good friend Holly's little girls...Above is what the tu-tu looks like made...easy enough for littles to make it...and below is what the kit looks like...I may add a button to the flower (which has a safety pin attached for adding to the tu-tu). Cute huh? How fun are these for a ballet party??? Questions answered section:
The towel set was listed in the shop but sold immediately. I am working on more...you can let me know if you want me to reserve one for you.

Yes, they did leave out the word Jesus in the song last night...which is dumb to start with but also because they did sing God and Lord. I was just happy to see such an amazing display of Jesus on prime time television!


heritage christian 1993 said...

Hi friend! Those tu tu kits are TOO cute. I love them...Oh, how beautiful your picture is...the rain showed up today..blah..I am now looking at a grey sky..maybe tomorrow! Love the new background on the blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I love love love the tu-tu kits. Thanks for making them so beautiful and colorful. Oh...my girlies will have such fond memories of their ballerina party and your handmade goodness will be a highlight!!!!! Thank you, dear friend. I couldn't be more thrilled. xooxoxoxoxoxoxo hivers

p.s. Moses is so cute. He makes me giggle. If he wasn't already spoken for, then Jillian would have a crush. =-) She'll respect little Miss Chloe.....for now. =-)

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

before i even saw what you wrote i got a big smile when i saw those mugs...and was a bit jealous. :)

enjoy them.
it makes me want more coffee right now!

April said...

hi girly girl....Chloe said to tell Moses...hubba hubba...

he is honesly throwing a come hither stare...you are in for it girl.


Wooo Hooo join me in the sunshine dance.....feelin better already !!


The Gerster Family said...

I'm so jealous! Its been rather snowy here still with 30 and 40 degrees! I'm trying to be patient for that warm weather...Enjoy it!

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