The dirty underbelly of LBF.

Do you have nicknames for your children? Yes, I said nicknameS because I am hoping that I am not the only one who has roughly 500 nicknames for my son...I was thinking about it today and decided that I was amazed that he even knows which is his real are a few of my most used...
Booga baby
Mighty Mo
Bubba (for the life of me I cannot make myself STOP using this one)
Stinky Binky
Stinker Binker
Suga Booga (serioulsy...what is my problem)
I also may or may not have made up a song about him going disco dancing with his ladies. Do you make up songs about your children? Let's hear some of your best nicknames...

Also, would it be socially acceptable for me to choke my neighbor for thinking it is OK to drive his seven(or so) year old daughter around the block on his motorcycle....without a helmet on? We live on a street that cars come and go on a lot...and they don't drive all that slow. It makes me crazy when I see I want to run out into the street and shake my fist at him...dummy.

I would also love it if my other neighbor would cut their grass already. We have cut ours three times already and they have yet to touch's over a foot tall if not more in some places. I can't say that I am looking forward to their cutting method however...who uses a weed-whacker to cut an ENTIRE lawn you ask...welp my neighbors do...more than one house on the block actually...don't even get me started on what that noise will do to your brain if you have to listen to it for an hour and a half.

And since I am on the subject of neighbors...what in the world must I do to get my neighbor to STOP letting her weenie dog use my lawn as a potty??!?! I thought it was common curtesy in the dog world to not let dogs do this but lo and behold...lots of mornings when I go to open my curtains in my living room there she is with the flipping dog...LOOKING RIGHT AT ME!!

Do you have annoying neighbor things that you simply must get off of your chest? Well here is your chance! :) Comment away my friends...
Despite all that, it is a pretty happy and beautiful day here in good ol' Virginia! We have actually skipped over spring and pretty much moved into summer...ahhh...I love the sun! Have a good weekend!


traci said...

oh boy I could SO blow you out of the water on ANNOYING neighbors!! My list would be as long or longer than your nicknames for your
The top ones are they have a pitbull that jumps the fence at least once a week and animal control continues to give the dog back to them each and every time.
The have a recliner on their front porch that was meant for the INSIDE of the house!!! I can only imagine what lives inside that thing..YIKES and her car makes such awful noises in the morning that I literally jump out of bed when I hear it starting at 6am!! You would think I would be used to bit by now but NOPE, Im
Those are just a few...the rest of the neighbors are very "normal" inside furniture outside, nice manicured lawns, animals kept where they should be, normal sounding

Julie said...

We call our poor girls Boogs (don't have a clue where that is from) and The Monk (from monkey) weird and awkward when out in public. Big sis even calls little sis "the Monk".
My neighbors spy on us and we joke that they have microphones rigged in our house, they know so much about us. But I know if anything were to happen to our house while we were gone they would notice and take care of it. An upside to their obsession.

April said...

hey....get off the weenie dog's back........ya grump !! when you gotta poop you gotta poop...your yard moves him....hahahahaha

ok to be honest is not cool....

now if you read my post know about 1 of my annoying neighbors...and we will stop with that one.

and I have the same nickname sickness as you....Ill do post one day

Amy Bell said...

oh neighbor. he thinks his yard is an extension of his driveway...lots of mud and it lots REAL ghetto...then, the other neighbor with the perfect yard is the "smile while you insult" type...yep..things like "oh YOUR trees look so small..(with a smile)...oh boy.
does anyone else live in a vinyl village? i think i hear my neighbor's truck start every morning....
funny post. and, traci, that pitbull story scares me! get that away from you! :)

Sara Luke said...

I think "Bubba" is one of those names that ever little boy is called whether his parents want to shoot themselves every time it comes out of their mouths or not . . . I do the same thing.

Sometime, I'm going to post a picture of the house two down from us. I won't even try to describe it here because it defies description. But I will tell you that there are more dogs than there are people living there.

Smith Family Blog said...

We call our Moses "Buddy" most of the time. Although I tend to call him "Baby" a lot, and I know that needs to stop soon. :)

I write songs about my Moses, too! His favorite is one I wrote when he was wearing a cute little outfit with a turtle on the bum, and the song is about how the turtle "wiggles when he walks." I know. I'll probably need to stop that before kindergarten, too. :)

Allikaye's Mama said...

You need to pop some bubblewrap - when those neighbors start to anger ya! HAHA!
I have nicknames too for Miss Thing - but I'm not sure I am brave enough to tell everyone them are so brave! :0)

joyfullness said...

I love your new new banner!! It is fun to switch it up a bit!! Nicknames... Smylie..sammy poo.. angel face..sweet boy...punkin.. sammy bammy...muffin man..
oh..and songs.. to B-I-N-G-O-... "there was a mommy and a daddy and they wanted a ba-by...God gave them myles..God gave them myles..god gave them myles..and he made them so happy... M-Y-L-E-S.. M-Y-L-E-S...etc.....and Myles was his name-o!!" and to Sweet Caroline.. " Sweet Sammy Boy... (bum bum bum)..." I think nicknames are such a special fingerprint for your kids...very unique... i am surprised you haven't done the song that goes...
" Mo Mo Bo Bo Banana nana fo fo me my mo bo...Moe!!!" for your sweet guy... if you have..i think it suits him and your silly ways..if not... good luck getting that out of your head!!
As far as neighbors... not too bad!!

Kristi said...

Love your new new background and banner!

I call my son Boo Bear.

Our neighbors over all aren't too bad. A few have teens who at times make a lot of noise. There was one a few doors down who had a party with a live band that played until 4 am. Not cool. This is a family neighborhood, not a college campus! And another who tamed a squirrel. That caused all kinds of ruckus. It tore up people's screen doors trying to get inside (the people who tamed it taught it to come up to people for food). It came right up to us once when we were eating outside and scared the poop out of us. Why tame a creature that could have rabies????

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