The winner is.....

The Fasanas ---She won the scarf because as soon as I went to her site I saw the word Giants...even if it was in reference to a baseball team...AND the first photo on her site made me cold...look at all that snow. Yay for you!! :)

Stay tuned for a new giveaway this week. :) Doug is off today so I am hoping to paint my bedroom...I will have the details of the swap a roo hopefully by this weekend. :) I am so excited to have so many participants. Made two more critters last night and today because the last ones sold out immediately!! I was so shocked and excited (and full of myself). :) You can come snatch up these guys here. I also bought some fun new fabrics....some in the mail and some in the store...I am hooked!! :) Must. Go. Be. Productive. Until tomorrow!


Scottie said...'ve been tagged friend! 7 random things about yourself and tag someone new! ;) Have fun! and LOVE your new stuff...LOVE! said...

oh my goodness.
these are so adorable. such talent you have...and energy!
and a new machine?!! your husband sounds so sweet.
what a huge treat to have such an awesome toy at your disposal. :)
you are obviously loving it.
can't wait to hear about the swap!

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