Scottie tagged me so now I am supposed to share seven random things about me then tag someone else.....Great...now you will know that I am a freak. :)

1. I like ketchup on my scrambled eggs. (Now so does Moses).

2. We bought a new MAC in October and I can't bring myself to throw the box away because I have convinced myself that the trash man will see the box, know we have a cool MAC, then proceed to break in and steal it. I wish I were kidding because the box is huge and annoying.

3. I sometimes buy cookie dough with no intention of baking cookies...if you get my drift.

4. I watch COPS every Saturday night religiously.

5. I also watch "My Big Redneck Wedding" and "Snoop Dog Fatherhood"(thanks Michelle!!).

6. I have owned multiple copies of George Micheal's greatest hits....and I would totally buy it again.

7. I enjoy both Kenny Rogers and hip hop music...(Q I still occasionally listen to RP's Jams). :)
We finally started painting our bedroom yesterday. I am slightly annoyed because not only did I pay more bucks for the fancy one coat paint that did not cover in one coat but I also had to go buy a second gallon of it because apparantly it is not one can either. grrrr....that means we didn't finish yesterday and I have to finish today. I at least LOVE the color...it is the same color as I like my coffee in the mornings. :) A Yummy creamy brown. These pics do the color no justice because it is still wet...but you get the idea.
Here are some cute recent pics of Diesel for your enjoyment... Currently he is obsessed with his Target brand Croc shoes...he HAS to be wearing them all waking hours and the other night he slept in them....all night....with footie pajamas...

Today I hope to finish painting...I am also working on my very first pattern for a Moose!! Expect a post by the end of the week about the swap..... Have a great day!


Eric and Michelle said...

Yeah! Snoop Dogg Convert! I love ya girl!

Eric and Michelle said...

How come every time I leave a post it says it is saved and will be visible after blog owner approval? Do you get my post?

Anonymous said...

George Michael ROCKS!!! That's my high school music & I'll always love it too. xoxoxoxo

Cute cute boys you have there. =-)

Hope you get to finish painting your lovely room that beautiful color.

Many many hugs, dear friend.

xoxoxoxoxo hivers

Oh...the box....go ahead and let it go...after you make Moses a cool house & paint over the writing if you must....


amybell said...

Vintage rap, as I call it...oh yeah. I LOVE Cops. I don't know why...And, now I have to check out the other shows. American Idol...love it. Who is going? :(
Love the room!

Kimiko said...

I like ketchup on my eggs too :o)

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