Swappy Time!!!!!

Ok, after much thought and consideration, here is what I have come up with as general swap "rules"...

Spend between $20-30 bucks...can include things you make or buy. Try to stay kinda within the budget.

The theme for this swap will be "Spring"---this can include things like...candy, cards, tags, seeds, creative supplies (bought or made), gardeny things...etc. Basically anything you can come up with.

I also thought as a way to try to get to know each other better, I would assign pairs. Like Betty and Sally would send to each other...chat back and forth to get to know each other before swapping, etc.

In addition to the "goodies" the idea to swap recipes was also brought up...so for this swap let's trade recipes that remind you of Spring.

If you are interested in participating in this swap please email me at mosesmakes3 @ gmail.com (no spaces- I add them to avoid spammers) by MARCH 19! In this email please include one question you would want to know about your swapping pal...once I receive all emails I will assign partners and compile all of the questions into one questionnaire. The deadline to get your package in the mail will be April 2nd. :)

Any questions or suggestions please include them in your email. :) I want this to be super fun and successful so that we can do another at a later time! :)


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Your blog is so cute! I came over via Nester at Blissfully when she posted about everyone copying the paper bookcase thing. And guess what? I copied her too & did my bookcase, posted last week. your's looks great too!

Will you share the paint color in your LR?? I love it & am currently on the lookout for the perfect light blue.

Drop by for a visit sometime!

April said...

Who are Betty and Sally?



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