Super fun things...

So first I must introduce you to Meira!! She is just THE cutest girl baby you will ever meet. These three photos are from a little photo session I did with her last summer...she is almost a big girl now and ten times as beautiful...if you can believe that. She belongs to one of my best good friends, Katie...while taking this photo I caught Katie trying to "fluff" Meira's buns up...just one of those priceless Katie moments. :)
This little girl makes my womb thump....if you know what I mean...and no that does not mean I am pregnant...They are coming to visit us next week and we are OH so excited!! ::) Yay for girl and Moses time. :) Katie...I can't wait to catch up with you girls!!! :)
And say hello to a new obsession....I have been toying with wanting to get one of these little yo-yo doo dads and I was finally talked into it by Julie.
Julie made me all of these cool signs...she will make one for you too if you ask her real nice. :)

And coming soon to the shop....Funky Little would be surprised at how many folks really want to see me make some pillows...who am I to say no? Get a good look cause they won't be this boring for long. :)
Neither will this sweet little house...soon it will be covered in fabric, paper and for it in the shop. :)
I am working on gettin' my garden on. I got a few of these today at a local greenhouse...they are perfect for planting where nothing else will grow and can take getting stepped on a lot....I am dying for Spring to come and STAY!!
We also live right down the road from Monticello...these seeds are from his own garden...they are vines that I am hoping will cover an ug-O fence in the back yard. :)

And the winner of Critter is.................... Julie from Joy's Hope. :) How could I deny him Disneyland? Don't worry...another giveaway coming soon...probably involving some of those new little yo-yo's and hair clips....oooooOOOOooOooOOo.

p.s....I'm about a 7-8 today! :)


Eric and Michelle said...

I love those pictures of Meira. Man I can not believe how she has changed though.

April said...

Pillows....little house....Tease !!

amybell said...

yeah...pillows!!!! :) I tried to make a yo-yo last weekend and it was not very good. where did you get your little yo-you do dad? :)
hoo-ray for prayer...7-8 rocks.
I was wishing you lived by me today b/c garage sale season started. Oh yeah. I will blog about great finds later.:)

Kristi said...

What a cutie little girl! So many of my friends are pregnant now or adopting their third and I am keeping all my emotions inside as I really want a third but hubby does not. And my friends who are preggers are all my age or older (38) while hubby is afraid I'm too old. Booo.

Anyway, cool on the yo yo maker. I like making yo yos but don't know what to do with them. I'm not THAT creative!

Can't wait to see what you do with the pillow, I have a ton sitting around in my basement storage area that I've been trying to sell for years. They didn't even sell in my Etsy shop or a real store (on consignment). I have a GREAT idea for you to take and put your own twist on!! Take a looky...

I used to make cute little hanging square pillows and a lady would buy them and paint fairies or boy things in the middle muslin square. Too bad I'm the world's worst drawer/painter or I'd do it myself.

Anonymous said...

Super fun things indeed, sweet friend.

Glad your number is climbing. That makes my heart happy.

Looking forward to seeing the CUTE goodies in your shop. It's so fun to see you create such unique and special treats. Your talent is overwhelming.

xoxoxoxo hivers

Karen said...

I tagged you for a meme! Go to my blog to check it out!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Thanks for posting about the cute signs! I am a sucker for a good sign! I actually posted about all my signs before! Happy day to you!

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