Spring things...

They finally busted wide open....only 8 more days until spring!!!!

I am trying to only *needs* shop until my sewing machine is paid off....but Moses needed these yesterday at Target...you can't tell by this photo but they have tails!
And for all you bird lovers out there....I found these sweet birds at Lowe's the other day when I had to go back and get a second gallon of one coat paint to paint over the first coat of one coat paint...grrrrrr
Back later with a room update post...moose debut and more!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flowers...ohaoh...the sweetest thing. =-)

Cutest boots ever. AND tails too. Oh my.

Love the fat birdies. Lowes? Who would have guessed.

Thanks for yet another sunny start to the day.

xoxoxoxoxoxo hivers

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