Pretend. My blank canvas.

One of my favorite things about this stage of Moses' life is that he is just learning to use his imagination and pretend play. Today he was pretending to be deaf. I played along and pretended the same when he protested me putting him down for his nap 20 minutes early. :)
These two little guys are my two very first original creations....meaning I made the patterns up myself...the other bunnies and bears were from a book that my friend Scottie sent me. I could not be more tickled with how they turned out. :) I think the moose is especially lovable.
So here is the state of things in my bedroom. Yesterday I finished painting and ironed my new bed it is on to the million other projects I have for in here...curtains for windows and to cover the CA Closets, I have a cute idea for a twiggy thing above the bed, today I found some shelves for my shells at Target (of course) for 85% off-I will have to paint them white, have new Moses photos printed and framed, duvet, side tables, lamps...on and on. I am trying to keep myself busy with the projects I can do NOW so that I am more patient in waiting for the deals for other things to present themselves. I love the color even more. :)


Sara Luke said...

That moose is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. EVER. And I'm not just saying that to be nice.

Shoot, I still haven't used my sewing machine. I have watched the intructional video, though. :)

Jenn said...'re sweet birds are the best!!! xox

Eric and Michelle said...

LOVE the Moose!

and the wall color...

Anonymous said...

So adorable!!! You did the pattern yourself? Fabulous!!! Great job, honey.

Love the new song too. I'm pretending I'm in a cozy coffee house. =-)

xoxoxoxoxo hivers

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