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Today we are so very productive. :) Except for the fact that Moses woke me up screaming my name(breaking the no talking for 30 minutes rule) in his deepest voice(there was nothing wrong with him...this was just part of his stream of babbling) we are having a great day! I am working on assembling a birthday gift for one of our favorite little people, Canaan who turns five soon. How fun is this present?!?!
It is one of those holders for matchbox cars...he has hundreds I am sure. Along with a few new cars we stashed some other fun things in the each of the compartments...stickers, $1 bills and candy of course! Makes me wish I was five. :)I topped it off with bits of a garland that I had...cut into little chunks and shoved into each hole to look super festive and to cushion a little for shipping. :) Today was SO nice outside...almost 70 degrees., so Moses and hung out out back for a bit...I sipped on some Chai and worked on my little doll "book" while he played with his dump truck and did little boy things. This photo shows the inside.I think it is coming along nicely and besides Moses, may be the most beautiful thing I have ever my ever so humble opinion. :)I am also pretty tickled with these the shop now! I love how bright and fresh and SPRING they are...I have also been trying to get somewhere on my Moses is kind of a mix between journal and scrapbook...since I do neither journaling or scrapbooking but still want some sort of documentation of Moses life I thought this little book would do. I think I was jipped on the scrapbooking pages look a little sorry but it serves it purpose in a sort of cute way. :) These two are my favorite pages so far. This book picks up where his baby book leaves off. :)And because I know you are fretting about it...thought I would let you know that I found some great slippers....on clearance of course for the low low price of $5.24. :) I heart them.
I hope you are all enjoying some sun fun today...keep holding your breath for is bound to get here sometime right?
Also, for anyone caring to take a moment...what I would love to hear your thought in reference to this little blog o mine...what would you change to improve it? Just curious...always looking for fun new ideas.


Anonymous said...

We have a tattoo in the same place! Mine's a dove, what's yours?

LOVE the b-day present. So wonderfully done! He'll remember receiving that forever, I bet.

Moses' book could be published, it's so very beautifully made with love.

The house book looks fantastic!!! Oh my.

Your blog is perfect w/ fun photos, cool music, inspiring thoughs, fabulous Etsy offerings for sale, recipes, contests, often being updated, etc.....LOVE IT ALL. If I had even an ounce of your creativity I'd be so blessed indeed. Great job, sweet Crystal.

xoxoxoxo hivers

April said...

You know I am a FAN...I love visiting your blog it is the inspiration for my looks like you are having fun doing it and it made me want one of my own. Stellar Job !!!!

amybell said...

Ok, so I look at your Moses scrapbook and my scrapbook guilt increases. I loved it....I have 3 for Luke and 1/2 off one for Zeke. Sad. I have lots of work to do. We are here in MI having fun...Lots of blogging about it to be done when I get home. Anyway, love the blog and love the slippers. I just bought a pair from Walmart. :) said...

i like your blog the way it is.
it's so cheerful.
your little fabric is so precious.
glad you could enjoy some better weather. soon we will all be saying how hot we are! soon right?

You can call me Lucky. said...

I love the scrapbook! The page with the banner is SUPER adorable! :)

C said...

Hi Holly! My tattoo is a Jesus fish and a cross...I'll have to take a better shot of it later...I drew it myself. :)

Thanks for the input everyone!! :)

Karen said...

I don't know what you are talking about....lacking a scrapbook gene?! Those pages are beautiful! I think that "scrapbooking" has been defined by people who are content to spend 4 hours on a page and have it be a work of art. Personally, it's more about getting the pictures in an album and telling the story behind them. That's the kind of thing I want to pass down to my kids, not some intricate artwork that no one is allowed to touch.
Love the blog, don't change a thing!

Eric and Michelle said...

Canaan's present was AWESOME!

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