Look Meg!!! I did it!!!

Favorite vacation place? The beach, any beach...I could walk on the sand for hours collecting shells and bits of fun things.

Do you have an Etsy shop and/or blog? You know it...

What's your favorite color?
grass green probably...but it's hard to pick just one...

What's your favorite color combination? pink/green, red/blue, pink/brown, green/brown, turq/brown....color combo I hate...primary blue/primary yellow-

What magazines do you subscribe to or buy at the newsstand? Family Fun, Parent, Paper Crafts, Cottage Living, Wonder Time---sometimes buy Real Simple...tempted by Martha.

What is your absolute favorite song? Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik

What is your favorite candy or snack? I LOVE salty/sweet combos...chocolate covered pretzels, (real) kettle corn, etc...and apple pie and vanilla ice cream. yum.

1 comment:

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

thank you!
i guessed on the green and was right on!
i will tuck these ideas away and find some great goodies for you.
i also prefer the beach for my vacation...i missed that question? i wish so badly i was at the beach right now.
what about your shoe size? movie and coffee?
i am so glad your number is higher!!! :)

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