Life is still good.

Life is good. I am sad at the moment because the youngest Selent is super sick with the flu. Which means no visit from them for Easter but life is still good. I talked the mother of the sick one into starting a blog. That makes at least three friends that I have kindly persuaded. This helps to satisfy my need to feel included in their lives. Now would the third friend kindly have a first post please? There are others out there that I would like to begin blogging as well. You know who you are. The reason Moses has a keyboard is that he is obsessed with it. The one he has is a decoy...he is always after the computer so we put this one in front of the functioning keyboard to trick him. That's right we trick our child. We have no choice. A keyboard is one of his triggers into what we refer to as caveman troll baby.
Caveman troll baby
: the act of acting like a crazy person by screaming in joy for no apparent reason or for ridiculous ones, such as shadows or fuzz on the carpet, while at the same time possessing the ability to move across the room undetected and stealth like-so as to scare the daylights out of your mom when she turns around (having thought you were in the other room). May be accompanied by running and/or spinning. Yes, I call my son a caveman and a troll but I mean it in the best way possible. Today I bought pretty flowers at Whole Foods. I love to go there. Everyone(hippies) is so happy and polite. Not something you always find in Charlottesville.
I got this cute chick from Middleburg. It was delayed in arriving because all available chicks had to report to the Martha Stewart show where they will be featured!! I want to be featured on the Martha show.... Congrats Susan!!!I also got two more bags finished...and made some super bright cards. :) I need some fresh ideas for sewing...anyone know of any good sewing magazines?
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Eric and Michelle said...

We are sad to not come too C. My streak of being in charge of Easter dinner continues. Canaan still has a fever but is doing better.
I feel you have created a blogging monster. My butt has been in front of this computer almost all day....the almost makes me feel better. Things I want to to add music to my site and how you get more than one pic in a post...more questions to follow

much love...michelle

Sara Luke said...

Jack love keyboards too! I have an ancient IBM laptop that I let him play with!

Wow, I just referred to something I had in college as ancient. Hmmm . . .

Karen said...

I don't know of any good sewing magazines but you should check out It started as a blog for knitters who were learning to sew and has kind of taken off from's amazing to see the kinds of projects people have come up with. Every month there is a "theme" that people stick to, such as skirts or bags, and then everyone posts pictures of their creations.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Well first, I love those pictures of your cutie! Oh!
Second, I am totally stealing that idea- and giving Allikaye an old keyboard! Brilliant!
I also can relate with the "caveman troll"! I will have to come up for a fun name for my little tantrum girl! Happy Easter to ya!

ccp said...

am i being targeted about not starting with my first post? i PROMISE it's coming soon. this week maybe, but aaron & joanna are going to be here for the next maybe next? keep waiting a lil longer :)

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