If Jesus had a blog, what would He write about?

I feel pretty certain that He would not be a show off...quoting scriptures, praising loudly, trying to convince you of how good and pure His heart is. I think He would just share His heart. I think He would tell you that He loves you and you and you....and you. I think He would tell you about the people He met that day and the ways that they were changed because of it. I think His heart would show you that He knew all the scriptures, that He praises with His words and actions, that He is good and pure. But He would never have to say it.

Loving Jesus is about just that, loving Him directly and loving Him through loving others.

I hope that my blog reflects my heart. My love for people and how I show it. My success and my failures, my joy and sadnesses too. I hope that what I share reflects what I believe and why. I hope that it encouraging to you if you read it...I hope you are glad you came here.

Below is one of my favorite pieces of paper. I have had it for years, it has been folded a million times, in a million ways. But I love it. It is full of all the true things that I am.

My favorite: I have been bought with a price, I belong to God. What is your favorite? What do you think Jesus would blog about? Especially if He was here and now...the Friday before Easter? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Beemoosie said...

What a beautiful post, I could not say it any better than you just did!

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

love this.

Jes said...

My favorite is-
You have been redeemed and forgiven of all your sins.
It's so comforting to remember this when I feel like the scum of the earth. He still loves me! He still forgives me! His grace and mercies are endless!

Thanks so much for sharing, I'm always encouraged or inspired every time I read your blog:) ~ Jes

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