I picked you a good 'un.

So here are the swap partner assignments...I tried to match people up based on a few things in my brain that I knew about each of you...

April and Scottie
Carolyn and Holly
Petra and Karen
Crystal and Meg
Becky and Amy

I hope you all find your partner agreeable. :) I added a link to the folks who I had a link for...Holly I have Carolyn's email for you and Amy I have Becky's.
Here are the "rules" again:
Spend between $20-30 bucks...can include things you make or buy. Try to stay kinda within the budget give or take a few bucks.
The theme for this swap will be "Spring"---this can include things like...candy, cards, tags, seeds, creative supplies (bought or made), gardeny things...etc. Basically anything you can come up with.

Try to get your box in the mail to your partner by April 5th or so. :) Take a photo of your goodies to email to me so everyone can see. :)
Try to contact your partner in the next few days with these questions answered....then go from there, getting to know each other...hopefully someone new!!

Favorite vacation place?

What is your most favorite memory you have from your childhood?

Do you have an Etsy shop and/or blog

What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite color combination?

What magazines do you subscribe to or buy at the newsstand?

What is your absolute favorite song?

What is your favorite candy or snack?

Annnnnnnddddddd....... GO!


April said...

Thanks so much for your hard work...this will surely be a blast. Chloe is even more into Moses now...one nose picker to another...


Eric and Michelle said...

OK Crystal my super awesome friend. I am attempting the blog thing. In fact it has consumed my day. Check me out and feel free to help :)


amybell said...

yeah, swap..I am so excited...Happy Friday, friend. Hope you and little Moses are doing well today. Enjoy your Easter weekend....
:) Amy

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

i get to swap with you?!!
i am so excited.
let's email this coming week.
i have to get easter treats and stuff taken care of and then i can think of this.
it's going to be very fun. thanks!
oh...and those bags you started making are absolutely adoable. i just recently bought a purse so i can't get another...but i seriously considered it. i am going to show my sister because she'd love it too.
have a wonderful god-filled easter. i am hoping to not get to distracted and be able to focus on christ. the presents and hype get in the way but they are still fun. there just has to be a balance.
take care.

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