Happy Sunday!

First, you should meet Esther. :) She is the newest Dinky bird in the shop. She is different from other Dinky birds in that she has legs...and she is vain. She probably thinks this post is about her, about her, about her, she's so vain....Ok, I'm back. She is cute though. :)
My sweet little house is coming right along. :) So many fun patterns and textures. I like to look at it. :0) She already had an owner in mind.
Here is what you will get when you order from my shop for the next few weeks. :) Fun seeds to start your spring off right.
And last but not least, I forgot to mention that I got these fun rustic stars from Nesta on Etsy. Not sure where they will live yet but I am sure they will find a place to pretty up soon. :)
Enjoy your Sunday!

1 comment:

amybell said...

I love the stars! Thanks for your message...I am glad you are encouraged! Hope you all had a good Sunday. I laughed at your post about the dishes. I have the same issue with small antique or antique looking birds. :) When I was in high school, it was black and white cows. Ok, that is scary and that is scary that I just wrote that on your page. :) LOL

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