Good news and bad news...

Well the good news is that I finally made friends with my sewing machine...bless her heart. After attempting to follow the instructions for making this handy tissue box cover I realized that I do not read Swahili....(props to my friends Scottie, Kristi and Cindy who apparently do) I did what I do best and tried to just figure it out. I did not make it reversible like the fancy one that Amy Butler did but who needs a reversible tissue box cover? The other color was baby peas n poop green and I do not need a reminder of that color anyway. So I was happily sewing my way to tissue box cover stardom is the bad sewing machine died. Weird noise. No more sewing. Dead. This is not the kind of sewing machine that you get fixed. :( Just when we were being friends again...I was reminded of why we weren't friends in the first place. So to the top of the Etsy bucks list "sewing machine" goes...I am kind of stalled on a few projects until I can afford a new one...bummer...this makes me sad. I had to finish the last 25% by hand...
But at least it is cute...and matches my cute green and brown bathroom. :)
I was going to make a few more of these cute little houses but due to the death of Ms. Sewy I only got one made but I heart is already in it's place in the shop. :)
ALLLLLLLmost here...I hope to see these babies open tomorrow!! Oh I miss you!
Moses is always happy when I go to get him in the AM...I am not sure where he gets that from because neither Doug nor I are the best waker uppers.
Today has been one of those days where you can just tell that the enemy is just trying his best to eat away at you. You know what I mean? you names, cast doubts and generally just make you feel bad about yourself...I am doing my best not to let him...but instead pull myself in the opposite direction...After my machine died early this morning I was kinda grumpy and poor little Moses was the one to have to witness it...Long story short, I pulled my act together before lunch, apologized to my little boy, we prayed and moved toward a better day. It may sound simple enough but have you ever apologized to your child? It is hard to do even now when I know he doesn't completely understand me but I want him to grow up seeing me make my mistakes, owning up to them and handing them over to Jesus. Do as I do not as I say I do. I even take comfort that the enemy is so strong after me...that just means I am walking in the right morning quiet times have been just what I needed each morning and I find myself thinking about what I read all through the day...which helps in more ways than one....lately God has been showing me that life is not about balance but about being centered on Christ...He does not want an equal portion but all of it.
Well those are my ramblings for the day...feel free to leave thoughts...I always read the comments and try to go back and respond as well.
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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, sweet Crystal. The way you see life inspires me. Moses is a very lucky little boy. Good job for apologizing to him. Fabulous being strong & focused, too. Big hugs. The Good Lord is smiling upon you.

Sorry about your machine. Looking forward to seeing all the cuties you'll make. That house.....HAD to have it. ADORABLE!!!!!

Lovely photos. Thanks for all the creativity and love you post for us. I always look forward to reading your blog. =-)

Hope you get to see your pretty flowers tomorrow.

xoxoxoxoxo hivers

amybell said...

Love the door hanger...still to make friends with my sewing machine. She is sitting in the closet...since Christmas. I need to start getting her out on preschool days....
Your adventures crack me up....I just had a busy day and drank WAY too much Diet Coke. :)
Thanks for your advice the other day..I followed it...she did not complete the order, so no news on that front.
off to list some things.....
:) Amy

Kristi said...

Oh, keep on the lookout for machines at garage sales! I see them all the time here. An ok old machine is better than no machine! Plus, if you can find an older (electric) model, they are usually more durable. I have one my grandma won for me in an auction. It is in storage now, but worked great in college (besides the fact I had to oil it every once in a while).

You always make such cute stuff!

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