Go listen...

to this. If it doesn't make you smile...go get your ticker checked. The best part is at the end.


Jenn said...

Hey there! Just poppin' in to say how much I LOVE your sweet bird with the jacket on in your shop!! Just adore your shop...so glad I found you through Holly:):) xox...jenn

April said...

Ticker is in good shape....sweet as pie.

Scrappy Jessi said...

aaahhh that was so cute. man when my kids were younger,and we had to go to those school choir performances. we never had great songs like that. we had the yellow bus, and those silly songs.
very cool.

Anonymous said...

Would you believe that U2 cd is in my car right now? "The Sweetest Thing" is one of my fav. songs.

=-) Love love love it. HI JENN. So glad you're here.

Hope you had fun painting today, sweet Crystal. Bet your room looks amazing.

xoxoxoxo hivers

Christine said...

I saw the link to your page on Jenn's site. So cute! Nothing like kids singing to my favorite band!
While my two year old cant quite sing U2'S lyrics, he does like to play drums to them..


C said...

Thanks Jenn!! I love your work too!!
Holly is the best isn't she!?!

Holly-I would believe it!! :)

Christine...your dolls are amazing! Wish I had talent like that!

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