Gettin twiggy with it....

So what do you think? I have decided that all of the accents in my new room will be white...only having color in the fabrics (but even those will be mostly white). This sweet little collection of goodness was pretty cheap to favorite! I took a painting that I got at a yard sale for $1, painted the frame white and painted the canvas part with chalkboard paint. This way I can change the word or message as much as I want...then I took a twig from the yard (free!!) and spray painted it person it has a nice birchy look to it. :) Drom means dream in Norwegian. :) For more twiggy ideas look here. I love how simple and sophisticated it least I think it does. :) I think I will tackle the duvet for my next big project...but I am terrified of it!!
On the creative front...I am working on a Doll pattern...I bought these fabrics today for dresses for the dolls...or whatever they happen to become...I was thrilled to find the lemon fabric at Joann's today...I had no idea they carried it was a remnant piece for 50% off!! I am also working on new cards but I won't be posting them until the beginning of the week...weekends on Etsy are slow...especially when it is nice out. :)
This is how sweet my honey is...I found this on my pillow when I went to bed the other night...he still makes my heart flutter. :)
And look at this freak of nature...that is two bananas in one peel...freak!


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE. Your bedroom will be so beautifully peaceful. The twig looks fabulous. Great idea!

That banana was too weird. Never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you had a great weekend.


Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh girl! I love that paint color! And the idea about painting a cheap frame! Brilliant! Cute cute! I also love that fabric you bought - you will have to show pics of how you used it! I will come by and visit you more!! You are so creative!!!

Eric and Michelle said...

Looks awesome C can't wait to see it all in person said...

your bedroom is so pretty.

my mom taught me an easy way to make duvets. and i just made one last week. sew two flat sheets together and finish the bottom however you like (button holes or velcro or whatever). it was very easy. i had found 2 sheets sets at target i really liked on clearance so i got them both. and i will use the fabric from the fitted sheets (wrong size for our beds) for making pillows or whatever i want later.

pretty simple.

i am in on the swap. thanks for reminding me,
i will email you.

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