A day in the life...one girl-many missions.

I was going to add this to the last post but I thought it needed it's own space. I have been asked repeatedly how I get so much done...so I thought I would lay it out for you. This is the general idea.
6-6:30am awake- I get to see Doug before he leaves for work and get ahead of Moses.
6:30-7ish-Coffee/quiet time/devotional
7-7:15ish-little chores-pick up random stuff, put away random things, sweep a floor, wipe a counter, etc
7:15-8-8:30-make a card or two or finish up a project-cut out a pattern, check email, etsy, blogs, etc. Coffee.
8-8:30ish-upon hearing Moses begin to stir, I go have breakfast, always cinnamon toast...I do this before I get Moses so I don't have to share it with him. Make Moses oatmeal so it has time to cool before Moses gets down there. Go get Moses, sing good morning song-most mornings...nerdy I know but HE likes it. Change dipe, get Moses dressed.
8:30-8:45ish-Moses eats, he asks for dada ten times...I explain that dada is at work...ten times. Coffee.
8:45-10ish-work on craft projects/house projects/cleaning/laundry etc while Moses plays, stopping to read the occasional book or play with him.
10ish-I shower while Moses jumps then we get ready to go out.
10:45ish-12ish-we run errands-post office, grocery store, target, etc.
12ish-Lunch-first Moses than me...he eats half of my lunch. See why I don't share breakfast?
12:30-1:30-play-go for walk-watch Sesame Street-unload dishwasher, clean-up, etc.
1:30-Snack-banana of course.
1:45-3:30 or 4-Nap time for Moses-I take photos of completed items, list items, blog, respond to emails, etc.
3:30-4-Moses gets up-milk and snack. I start dinner...Moses plays, we read, play, etc.
4-5 We watch Oprah if it looks good...if not my dvr'd Dr.Phil.
5-Moses eats dinner.
5:15-Doug comes home.
5:50ish-We eat dinner-Moses eats second dinner ( think this is my fault...I always ate second dinner when I was pregnant)
5:50-6:15 or so...clean up dinner mess, make Doug's lunch for the next day, get coffee pot ready for the next day, Moses and Doug play.
6:30-6:45-Bath for Moses.
7pm-Moses in bed.
7-7:30ish- I check etsy, blogs, email, etc.
7:30-9:30 or 10-Watch Tv while I work on random projects-felting, button flowers, sewing, etc.
9:30-10 bed.

Am I boring or what?


Distressing Delilah said...

It sounds absolutely perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love it.

Sounds like perfect days to me. Great job making time for AND doing everything you need to.

The devotional time is something I have neglected. Starting tomorrow I'm setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier.

Thanks for yet another inspiring and real post. Love it. Loved the Winter protest one...too. HA! Have you ever considering writing books? You have such a way with words, dear friend.

xoxoxoxoxoxoo hivers

Allikaye's Mama said...

I was weirdly very interested in your daily schedule! I especially like that when you go out to run errands you wrote 'Target'! That would definitely be in my schedule too! love Target!

amybell said...

You are so funny....you get up early for me..I am a night person, so I need to work on getting up earlier. Just bought a new version of The Message to keep in my purse. I am so in need of making more time for Jesus right now. Saw an amazing passion play last night...such a clear reminder of my purpose. I love your honesty and your blog...so glad we "met" :)

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