Call off the search...

I found my new "everyday" dishes. I actually found them yesterday when I was out looking for Easter goodies but before I bought them I wanted to make sure Doug would love them too! He did (he has good taste like that)! How cute are these!?!?! They actually don't "go" together, they are from two different sets but I LOVE them combined like this. As previously stated, I am not a fan of matchy-matchy things or expected color combos but instead prefer everything to be a little funky (now you know how I got my shop name). I could not be more thrilled with them. :)
What do you think? For now I just got four of each plate because...well that is how many Etsy bucks I have, so when I have more I will finish up the set and get some bowls to go with. :) The pattern on the orange plates is textured.... DELISH!
I have been busy working on my mother in laws 60th birthday they are so far...I am about 80% done or so, I hope to finish this weekend. :) What do you think CJC?
AND my most amazing friend Scottie sent me the most awesome unexpected package in the mail. :) She is trying to help me make friends with me sewing machine...this book may do the trick...
She sent me both of these cause she is awesome like that. :)
I immediately wanted to make these pears. mmmmmm.....
And these strawberries....LOVE the jar of them. :)
And these cute pin cushions. :) Fun times ahead. I have the best friends!! Moving right are some random Crystal thoughts to (hopefully) make you smile...just a little.
One day I am sure I will miss him kissing me like this. :) I LOVE that he gives them on demand now...what a sweet boy. :)
THIS is my secret to getting a shower every single day. I am not sure what I will do when he outgrows it...or when it becomes weird for him to see me nekked.
See how much he loves his fish? :)
Walmart is always good for entertainment. We never shop here anymore...mostly because the one near us is gheeeetooooo! We went there today purely to be entertained. There were NO bunnies in this box. None.
I like to put love notes in my honeys lunches(yes I make his lunch). Gotta keep a honey happy right? Alrighty then...and to think, I woke up this morning thinking I had nothing to blog about...


waisze said...

Cute blog! Love those everyday plates. I put love notes in my husband's lunch bag too. =) said...

you have the cutest blog.
i love all your pictures and ideas...and dishes.
i just went through a few pages of your posts and i love it.
i think we'd be friends in real life for sure. :)
i am sorry you have a stalker. it would break my heart....i have a few stories of my own but yours sound so much worse.
i smile when i come across someone who loves their husband so outwardly. love that.
take care...have a great night!

Scottie said...

Gawd...those dishes ROCK...where did you get them!

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