Well we are all sick now, thankfully, so far I seem to have a much milder version of it. I have been taking Oscillocoxinum (sp) since I started having symptoms and that seems to be fighting it off pretty well. Thankfully this is not the an illness with stomach issues...more of a sleep it off sort of thing and Moses is being great about telling me when he is ready to go back to bed. The most pitiful thing is that he keeps telling me that he is "all done" in "Mom, I am all done feeling bad, please fix it"...I think that defines helplessness for me.
The question from the winner of the contest was "What will I tell Moses' wife someday?"...I have been thinking of this answer for days and the only thing I can think of is, "Welcome, I love you and I have been praying for you since before Moses was ever born. :) I am here if you need me, but far enough away that I don't crowd you, I want to help but know that I have raised a good man, who knows right from wrong and how to treat a lady". :)
Some other questions I can answer with a short answer...
What will I name my next child? Not completely sure but we do want Moses to have a brother named Aaron someday.
What would I do with 100k? Pay of my churches building and and debt that they have, build them an awesome building for kids, pay off my own debt, pay for my children's college. :)
Am I really that organized or do I clean up for pics? Yep, I am...I don't have time to clean up for pics and I get a little kooky if things aren't just so. (Except for my desk). :)
Questions for Jesus...
I have a long list...why do babies/children suffer...ever? Why do some people have children like rabbits and treat them like crap but deserving couples struggle for years and may never be successful in having children? How are some people so blind to You? Are the calories listed on packs of gum for if you chew and spit out or chew and swallow? Why do You love me so much? There are more...but those are the ones that regularly circulate.
One moment to live over and over? The days we spent in the hospital after having Moses and the two weeks that Doug was home with us afterward. Best. Days. Ever. Labor? That is another stories, full of lies people tell you and lack of drugs. Wanna hear?
Do I think Moses is cuter in daddy's mismatched jammies? Yes, but not why you may think...I think it is precious that he has a daddy that will be there every night to put him in jammies.
There were more questions that I will try to answer at some point because they were all really good.
Has anyone really read this far?
Encouraging things that have happened lately...We recently had a friend give us a new washer and dryer. We were willing to buy it from her but after our disappointing tax return, she decided to just give it to us. Awesome.
Discouraging-I had someone give me a heads up in a private email today that they wouldn't buy from my etsy shop because my avatar didn't match my banner and that my shop was too scattered. :(


amybell said...

Sister..took the time to read both blog entries today...First, I think I got pink eye from my niece. Sad. I am hoping I am just paranoid. Second, the email about your shop. I disagree...I just showed your shop to some company we had for dinner Friday night and they LOVED it. So, I think maybe someone was being a "grumpy snake". I will leave it at that...keep creating. I will send my buttons soon. You make BEAUTIFUL things....Your online friend, Amy (ha, ha) Just thought I would add that to make you laugh today.

Anonymous said...

Oh...Moses. Feel better..all of you...soon! You're amazing. Your thoughts & creations are amazing. grumpy snake indeed. Hope that person will find the love in their heart that is just waiting for them. You ROCK!!!!!!

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