Today...and bedroom before pics.

still slumping it but other good things are going on. For example:
Moses is still really, really cute. He is learning to say his Aunt Carolyn's name (aah yin). He has also learned bag, and buh tuh (buster is the name of our friends dog who we stayed with in Radford-now all dogs are a buh tuh)....and uck (truck). :) I am thankful for him everyday. I also got some goodies from my SIL. I had ordered the satin hands kit from Mary Kay and SIL sent me some extra goodies because she is cool like that. It took me forever to buy this kit because I find it so much easier to buy for others and forget about me. You can go buy stuff from her HEREI also bought two of these sweet little birds from Pier One today. :) They may end up in my new room...that currently looks like this:
Don't you love how I have hardly hung anything and that the photos I did hang were covered up when I moved the bed and I have yet to move them. :) And yes, I almost always make my bed.

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cjc said...

thanks for the positive pr sister friend :) you're great, can't wait to see you so soon!

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