Surprises, sweet things and thoughts...

First, I got a super sweet surprise in the mail from one of my favorite people... How sweet is that? It was a totally unexpected favorite! I am not sure why she sent it to me but it makes me happy that she did. My day has been a little fogged, not bad but fogged and this was a wonderful thing to find in my mailbox! Thank you wonderful friend!! :)

Also, before I left on vacation I ordered another (yes another) box of scraps from a great seller on Etsy...see HERE.
It is an amazing deal and there are lots of really great scraps in there...most of them a pretty good size and from great designers...Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, etc. I used some of them already to make my new little critters, which don't seem to be going over as well as I had thought they would...hmmm.
I have still, for the most part, been completely worthless today. I did run out to get some errands done and it was good to get out of the house a little. I had to reinstall Moses car seat in my car and I feel a little guilty about installing him forward facing. Statistically speaking he is 4X safer in the rear position until he weighs over 35lbs (per the weight limit for rear facing on the seat) but it is so nice to have him forward facing and he seems to like it better...I'm still not sure if I am convinced enough to keep it the way it is.
Moses has had a little difficulty transitioning back to real life from vacation. He had a fever for a couple of days and was a little cranky but he seems to be normalizing. I think he got a little used to us sleeping in the same room as him so there is that too. I am still amazed at how well he traveled. While we were in Florida he learned some new words including -bye bye, bop bop (bop-o aka grandpa), hiss, keys, fish and he will try to wiggle his nose like a bunny. :) He is precious and wonderful!
I had some more thoughts to share but they have escaped me for the for now I am off to get some coffee and wander around looking for my creative juices. :)

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Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

i did it!
glad you had a good vacation!

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