So many things...

I have oh so many things to jabber on about today...not sure if any of you will find any of them interesting...or any of my posts for that matter but here they be, nonetheless.
First, will someone puh-lease tell me how absolutely cute my mantle is all Eastered up now? I found some great and darling things at Pier One and I can hardly stand to be in my living room because of how cute they all are...and cheap(no pun intended)!
First of all, I despise matchy-matchy and symmetry, so I will be buying another of those cute little bunnies so that there will be two on one side and one on the other...(I like things to come in threes-more on that at a later time)Oh my goodness...couldn't you just bite him he is SO cute!!!
These little guys are on top of my TV cabinet.
I know I said no bunnies but how could I pass these up...for $2!!
I could smack him he is so cute!
Cute huh? Spring is coming!!!!
I also totally copied Scottie yesterday and made Moses these sweet fish! Karen and April, I thought of you and your wee ones when I was making these...SO easy and Moses LOVED them!!Here is a sneak preview of my current love interest. It is kind of like a soft doll house book...start saving your pennies because it will be coming to the shop when it is done...embellished 'til the cows come home.
Here is a little before and after for you. I collect shells from every beach I have been to and put them in jars. Above is how they looked before and below is the after! These will be part of my bedroom project at a time.
Look how nice and clean they look. AND the shells that I know where they are from are labeled. Ahh....organization like that makes my heart happy.
Moses was just super cute in his orange vest. :)
This is what I had for lunch...they were giving samples away at Harris Teeter and I had to have some to bring home. I may or may not have eaten enough to hurt my stomach...but at least I was having the reduced fat Triscuits, right?
Also, I got these c.u.t.e. pillows (the two multi-colored ones) at Target today for about $3 each! That is how much pillows should be. :)

Also, I heart LOST. :) And I cannot wait until The Office comes back...

So there you have it...a sneaky peek into my brain...does that make you want more or less?


Zaya said...

Those chickies are so darling I just want to rub them on my cheek they look so soft. I have decorated for a holiday besides Christmas in years. I swap things out for the seasons, but not full on for a holiday. I'm getting inspired to play with my mantle. BTW I love the jars of shells so simple but so beautiful

The Nester said...

Yes, I could bite that little bird--perfect description! I was at pier one yesterday and had to get some of those eggs! LOVE Them! You mantle is out of this world adorable!!! Love it! Fish jar thing? Great! Shells--lovely!

Come to my nest and shake things up a bit will ya? I'm in desperate need of some funk!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....too much cuteness to handle. Thanks for adding many rays of sunshine into our flu ridden home. =-) Your blog makes my heart happy.

Jilli says "hi" to adorable Moses.

That book???? LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to see it in your sweet shop.

xoxoxoxoxoxo hivers

April said...

Laughing real hard at you could smack that chick....fishies I will be checking that out...too sweet...the book...Mmmm..wish that was my idea...adorable.

LOST...I'm with ya...LOVE IT

Queenie Bee said...

LOVE the mantle, LOVE the fish, LOVE your creativity! (And yes, I too will be copying the fish idea...most likely to go in my kiddos' bathroom.)

Send me a quote on the Lenox dinner plates, along with cups and saucers too. Oh heck...just send me a list of all the pieces in this collection! :-)

emily said...

ok, little bit funky. i wanted to slap that little bird too! So cute. and don't you think LOST was a really good one this week...? even though it totally hurt my brain with all the time travel. love the mantle and esp. the labeled shell jars.

Eric and Michelle said...

love your new pillows crystal

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