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at the moment I am feeling completely uninspired to do anything creative. I am not sure what is going on but it does happen from time to time so I just try to ride the wave and wait for the creative juices to return. In the meantime, I have had several people ask me in the past how I find the time to put so much effort into my Etsy shop.

The answer mostly lies in Moses and Doug. Since we started the sleep system we use, Moses' sleeping patterns have been wonderful. If you haven't read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child you should. It changed our lives and brought me back from the edge of crazy. It is a "cry it out" method but for us, cry it out only meant one night for about 30minutes. Since then he almost always goes to bed/nap, on his own, without so much as a peep. We went from him waking 8-12 times a night to 1-2, OVERNIGHT (though he has slept through the night for months now but at the time of starting this system 1-2times was age appropriate)!! He now naps for about 2-3hours and sleeps from around 7pm to 7:30am. That right there gives me a lot of creative indulgence time.
For those who do not know, I am a full time stay at home mom. I am also pretty traditional in that, with that role I take on almost all of the household duties and don't really expect my husband to do much around the house. In my opinion, his job lies outside the home, mine is in it. This doesn't mean that he doesn't help, or isn't willing to do anything I ask him, but generally, I take care of all the household duties so that he doesn't have to worry about them. And I do it gladly, with only the occasional grievance. :) All of this to say that I try to get as many of the household things done while Moses is awake and we can do them would be amazed at how fascinated he is with unloading the dishwasher or loading washing machine. He even does his best to help---(saying "he" (sound like the he in hey and means "here" in Moses speak) as he hands me laundry to put in the washer or fold.) By doing these things together, I am free to do what I want with my "free time" during his nap.
Doug is a big part of my success because he supports me in this Etsy effort. I don't think he cares if I make a dime, as long as it is making me happy. Without his support I wouldn't be a stay at home mom and without his support I am sure my Etsy adventure would be long over by now.
So, basically, the short answer to "How I find the time?" can be summed up with "time management and support". Does that make any sense to anyone? Thoughts?

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Gina said...

Great blog Crystal, and what a lovely complement to your FAB shop on Etsy! I always love looking at all of the fun goodies that your creative mind cooks up! Time management is a huge part of it, I imagine...still working on that part ;) Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, tips and your creative passions. Keep up the great work and wishing you continued success both in life and on etsy.

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