Snippets. Typical events in my life. In no particular order.

Start the day with this ray of sunshine. He wakes up like his touching for the first 30 minutes...and don't talk to me either. Where is my coffee (milk)?

Make cute cards while my honey is at work. I LOVE this one. I heart polka dots. All of them.

This card makes me happy too.

I changed the back of this again. Much better.

Went to Target, got things for my new bedroom at 75% off! Do laundry. Decide what to make for dinner. Talk Doug into going out for dinner instead. Watch Dr. Phil. Watch our DVR'd programs (yes I call them programs) while I work on something crafty.

Not typical-today I was told by an online blogger that they were too busy to be my friend. How do I find these people? And no I didn't ask her if we could be friends...I told her I liked her blog.
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Allikaye's Mama said...

How cute is your blog?! I loved looking around at your posts! First thing, your pictures of your cutie in the bath and crib remind me of my cutie! How old is he? Mine's 13 months! And also - I love your stars on your mantle! I get a little obsessed with stars sometimes - where did you get them (even though I'm in CO)! Well, I can't wait to visit ya again!!

q said...

that makes me so sad that people tell you nasty things like this. well. KNOW that i AM your friend. and i have PLENTY of time to dedicate to that. p.s. i'm thinking we need a phone chat soon :)

Crystal Johnsen said...

The stars are from ebay. :) $16 for six of them. :) Moses is almost 17m.

I agree q! :)

cjc said...

i was having a rough morning at the office and needed a dose of sweet moses...thanks for giving me a place to go when the rest of the world seems so mean :) love ya, cjc

Zaya said...

Just found your blog today. I just love it. The crafty touches are fun, I always like when people are willing to share their ideas

blessedme said...

I love your blog, oh so sweet.

Lark said...

Keep up the good work.

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